YouTube children's songs to educate on hygiene

A very fun and effective way to educate younger children is through songs , and one of the most important benefits of songs is that the soft melodies relax, so the brain is more willing to learn. But perhaps the best of all is that with them children will associate hygiene and hygiene activities with other positive elements , such as relaxation, dancing, or with also positive aspects of their lives, perhaps memories, so learning that will be acquired will be prolonged in time.

It is important to be clear that learning and happiness are two things that should always go hand in hand , so that it is a learning that truly stands out and that leaves a deep mark on people, and especially on children. That is why learning with music is always a success, because while enjoying to the sound of chords and dancing, you can also learn very valuable things that remain forever internalized in the little ones.





Funny hygiene songs for kids

And so that you can start practicing with some songs about hygiene, which can be truly useful for the education and learning of the little ones , here is a list of the best YouTube children’s songs that we have found. Educate your little ones in hygiene in the most fun way!

  • Song to wash hands : it is a special song to teach children the custom of washing their hands before eating and throughout the day, something that is much more important in these times, because it is very important to avoid viruses and parasites so common especially in young children. The video shows the correct way to wash your hands, entertaining yourself in each finger and in hunting area.
  • Song to brush teeth : through a traditional melody, which children will easily recognize, this song teaches the little ones how to brush their teeth : in which directions, with which utensils … very useful and entertaining.
  • Song for complete hygiene : this is a song with some very beautiful and happy drawings, which tells us about the importance of maintaining complete hygiene through the bathroom, clean teeth … and in which water must always be very present and soap (or toothpaste).
  • Pimpon is a doll : Pimpón is a traditional song for children with a tender style, almost like a lullaby, which serves to educate children in different routines, such as washing their faces or combing their hair. It is an ideal song for the little ones in the house.
  • Song for daily hygiene : teach the little ones the importance of maintaining daily hygiene with the help of the “Pest Duende”. This is probably one of the most fun and creative proposals, because it almost looks like a chapter in a series of drawings. They will surely enjoy it!




  • We wash our hands with Sesame Street : it is a song that is directed so that children learn to wash properly and to stay clean to eliminate viruses and bacteria. They will sing and dance with Sesame Street while lathering!
  • Song of the vaccines : it is not easy to associate love with pain, so a good idea to take children to vaccinate is to explain to them the benefit of the vaccine with a song. Because it is not about lying to the little ones telling them that it will tickle them, but explaining that the vaccine, despite its discomfort, helps us to protect ourselves from viruses and to live healthier and happier.
  • Wash your hands with the Pintadita Hen : with this rhythmic and catchy song, the little ones will surely end up being clear that before eating and doing any activity, it is essential to always wash your hands to keep them very clean. It is perfect for dancing!
  • Song with water and soap : in this fun song the little ones will be able to see how a little dog called “Chocolo” needs a good bath. Throughout the video, and through a song with simple lyrics, the children will end up learning that, in order to have good hygiene, there is nothing better than soap and water.
  • Song to remove the diaper : accompanied by some very nice friends and some funny rhymes, the children will learn that taking off the diaper is possible, helping them to motivate and empower themselves in this important action.

When children have fun with hygiene, they learn a lot and take good habits from a young age! Regards!!

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