Work creativity with young children. Where to start?

Creativity is, first of all, the creation of something new from scratch , thus encouraging the use of the individual’s imagination.

Creative activities can begin in children from a year and a half, although each case is special and it is also necessary to take into account which method works most effectively with the little one in question.

For the child to be interested in painting, creating shapes with plasticine, or other types of creative crafts, it is first necessary to create a story and develop it in the form of a game .

We will attract the attention of the little one by starting to play in front of him, drawing or making shapes with the plasticine. If we see that the child wants to help, we will leave him another colored pencil or another plasticine so that he can participate, but if he prefers to simply watch, do not rush, because we must wait until he is curious.


Benefits of creative activities

The benefits are multiple, such as:

  • They provide a variety of sensory experiences .
  • They develop the fine motor skills and speech of the child , becoming familiar with the phenomena of the world.
  • They help unleash creative potential .
  • They develop imagination and aesthetic taste .
  • They teach to see the world in all its beauty and diversity .


In addition, they awaken the motivation of children to carry out children’s activities, making the process of acquiring new knowledge easier. The ability to see, first-hand, the results of their efforts is particularly important for a child, giving him self-esteem and setting new achievements.


How effective can training children be in activities like drawing?

It is always necessary to teach children the different practical ways of fostering their imagination, as in this way we will help them in their own creative quest. If the activity is organized in an appropriate way, the results will provide a powerful boost to the development of the child’s creative potential, providing their own creative solutions.

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How much time should we dedicate to the activity?

The time of the activity for a child of one year or one and a half years, approximately, should not be too long, since he cannot yet focus 100% on it. Therefore, this activity will be calculated first in 10 minutes and later between 15 and 20 minutes.

We should not worry if the child has liked the activity and wants to repeat it several times, since this will greatly benefit him by perfecting his technique and absorbing new abilities and skills.

Take note of the ideas we give you to work creativity with the little ones.


Drawing techniques for children between 1 and 3 years old

  • Draw with pencils of different lines, shapes and colors .
  • Draw with the fingers, the palm of the hand, with a sponge or other easy-to-handle objects.


Modeling techniques for children between 1 and 3 years old

  • Modeled with colored plasticine .
  • Modeled with clay and later painting the created object with colored tempera.


Other techniques

  • Create shapes with colored paper .
  • Glue pre-cut drawings onto cardboard to create a paper story.

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