Children spend almost 7 hours a day in school, in some cases even more. It would be obvious to think that teachers are key pieces in the formation of our children . But then why for some time this part is questioned and even taken away from them authority?

Overprotection towards the minor has a lot to do with it and we should think that disavowing the teacher and neglecting his figure is negative for the relationship between him and his students.

There are many occasions when we think that the teacher has no idea what he says about our little one when, in some cases, if not most, he spends more time with him than we do. For that alone we should already respect it. That does not mean that we agree with his attitude in general, but it does mean that we owe him respect and that mainly includes not discrediting him in front of his students and that, when we talk about him, it is always politely.

A teacher will be remembered by thousands of anecdotes and in many cases is the first adult figure that enters the child’s life, not being the parents. When they are very young , the bond is also usually idealized , since the minor needs a reference at school to give them security. It is as the child grows when he can begin to see failures in his teachers and there depends a lot on our attitude how he treats them from now on.


The need to value a teacher

As a mother, I have had differences with teachers, which I have spoken trying to reach an agreement, but always from admiration. Even if I did not agree with their approaches or had to open their eyes in a conflict with my son because maybe they had not even noticed, for me, standing in front of at least 30 children, of whatever age, to try forming them is an act of courage and in almost all cases of vocation.

The saturated classrooms, the lack of resources and the general misunderstanding on the part of many parents make a school year impossible at times and this is to demoralize anyone. So I usually start a meeting with a teacher, first showing solidarity with him, despite everything, and then I go on to tell him about my son’s personal problem to reach a solution, which after the approach is much easier.

A teacher valued, supported and, if necessary, questioned with education and objectivity, will be a professional who works more at ease and provides better attention to his students, feeling calm and secure. Let’s trust in his good work, let’s maintain a fluid relationship with him, let’s talk often about how he sees our son. It is surely a very valuable insight of yours, so let’s keep it in mind. Also let’s chat with our children about their teacher and their classes . All this set will give us the reality of the classroom and we can help or bring positions together if necessary.

I insist that educating our children to respect others and especially their teacher, is necessary for their lives. We are not all the same nor do we have to think the same, however, our freedom ends where the other’s begins. And if that freedom is that of the person who teaches your child when you are not there and who arouses his curiosity … even more so, don’t you think?

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