Learn about the turtle technique for children as a child

Education is always the key to solving many of the problems that children can experience from a very young age, such as not being able to deal with the emotions that humans experience every day. In this sense, there are many techniques focused on improving the recognition of emotions and this is the case of the so-called turtle technique.

The turtle technique is a teaching method through strategies with which to get children to cope with emotions such as anger, disappointment or frustration.

It is also a method for them to calm down when they feel angry, frustrated or upset . Although, originally, this technique has been used with children, many experts assure that it could also have very good results with adults.

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How to implement the turtle technique?

To carry out the turtle technique we can use a turtle-shaped puppet or any toy that we have nearby and has a similar shape. This figure will help us teach children how to calm down.

First, we will have to take the turtle or the puppet and have the children choose a name . Next, the turtle will go to the children or child in question, to tell them a story in which they got very angry, and then ask them if they have ever felt like this too.

Then the turtle explains to them what is the way it has, when this happens, to control its feeling of anger. We will call this resource the turtle technique .

The basic steps to be achieved with the use of the turtle technique are the following:

  • Recognize when and when they feel angry .
  • Think of themselves .
  • Learn to take deep breaths and have relaxed thoughts, such as: “I can calm down,” “I’m fine”, “I’m good at solving problems …”, like the turtle, which comes out of its shell when it is calm and ready to think of solutions to your problems.

To give a better dynamic to the method, many educators and psychologists recommend that in the middle of the explanation of the turtle technique, children are asked what ideas they have or know about to achieve relaxation.

The method can also be used through the telling of stories in which turtles appear, so that their history leads to the same point: learning to be calm in situations of anger and anger.

Do you dare to put the turtle technique into practice? Tell us the results!

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