Resources for Raising Emotionally Strong Children

They say that personality and character are forged in the early years of our childhood , and not in adolescence, which is when we tend to bring out that character more, sometimes abruptly. Therefore, if we want our children to be emotionally strong in the future and not get depressed or discouraged at the slightest change, we can do something, and sharing time with them will be essential so that they do not acquire a vision of their environment. related to emptiness, lack of time and loneliness.

If you are one of those parents who have to spend a lot of time outside, do not forget to allow and facilitate your children that they can spend and share their time with other family members , such as their uncles or grandparents, since this, in addition to providing An outing to your usual environment of mom and dad will also help you to build and strengthen your emotional ties within your own family.

And when it comes to spending time with the family, there is nothing like games. Do not miss the list that we have prepared for you to be able to play with your children and help them gradually develop and strengthen their emotional side, which will be of great help during their present and future life.

niños fuertes

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  • We played at blowing candles . Young children love candles because from a very, very young age, they begin to associate this object with something as fun and surprising as birthdays. Don’t let your child blow out a candle just once a year and allow him to do so in any other circumstance. With due care, you can encourage him to blow out a candle that you previously lit, telling him to think of something nice as you inflate his abdomen in a relaxed and leisurely way. Once it is fully inflated, teach him to discharge and exhale that air while blowing out the candle . You will quickly see how fun this activity can be for the little ones in the house, with which at the same time they will be doing, without realizing it, a good and effective relaxation exercise.
  • The game of whys . Young children are very fond of asking their elders of the type questions, but why? Their level of curiosity and ignorance is so great at this stage that they are eager to discover things and have answers from those they love and admire so much, their relatives. In this sense, you can create a game consisting of asking questions that you know of interest : do you like the story of the three little pigs? … why? With this simple game, the child will find himself looking for his own answers, which will develop his critical thinking and mental strength, at the same time that he will reinforce his self-esteem, believing that the elderly also seek to satisfy their curiosity, just like them, by asking questions of their loved ones. It is a very simple activity that will make you feel like a full member of the family.
  • The exquisite corpse. Despite its quirky name, this game, invented by a number of writers in the 1920s, is ideal to play with children. Think of the word or phrase that you want to start the game, and encourage the child to complete the word or phrase with their own ideas . It does not have to make sense, a priori, since it is about developing the imagination and shaping a coherent or totally crazy story in turns, and with the help of everyone. You will see how the child has fun giving his opinion and his own ideas, leaving a final result of the most fun.

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