What is ADHD? : Exercises to work attention and concentration problems

What is ADHD?

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is a biological disorder that begins in childhood, before the age of 12. It is characterized by presenting a pattern of attention deficit, hyperactivity and / or impulsivity with an intensity and frequency higher than normal for the age of the child and the stage of development in which they are. It is also taken into account that this pattern can interfere or noticeably deteriorate the child’s performance in two or more areas of his life: school, social and family. Finally, it is important to verify that it is not caused by another medical problem: toxic, drug or other psychiatric problem.

Children with ADHD find it difficult to focus on completing and completing tasks such as doing homework, preparing for tests, or picking up and putting things in order. But they can learn techniques to improve their concentration . The important thing here is the form we adopt when approaching them when explaining what the new game consists of. It has to be done in a fun, interesting way to arouse their curiosity and get their attention. Explain very well everything in detail step by step, the rules, the evolution of the game and, in addition, that losing or winning is part of the dynamic and you have to accept it and enjoy it equally.

4 Simple exercises to work attention and concentration

Next we are going to see a series of exercises that we can do with children to help them channel their attention and maintain it, as well as to achieve focus and finish a purpose.

Assemble puzzles or puzzles

There are multiple options depending on the age of the child and their tastes. Through the puzzles they maintain their attention and, even if they abandon it, they can momentarily return to it to continue it.

Find the partner

This memory game has the particularity of challenging the child to remember where the different elements are while discovering new ones. Put the cards face down and go up two by two until you find the two identical cards. A classic that will keep you entertained by receiving your reward in the form of found pairs.

Story reading

It is interesting to find fun and imaginative material and learn to act out the story . By imitating the voices of the characters and noises, as real as possible of what is happening, we can find an incentive for the child to want to finish the story while following it carefully. A good idea is also to make him participate by asking him what he thinks will happen, what the door they just closed sounds like or if he would do the same as the protagonist, for example.

Coloring without leaving gaps

It is about painting a sheet of colors without showing the white of the paper. It starts with a small sheet and increases as more material is required. You have to leave at hand what you may need for your creations according to age: watercolors, colored pencils, tempera, markers … Then we can decorate the walls of your room with your works or give them to the closest relatives with your signature and dedication. This will help you to feel more motivated and see the emotional payoff for your dedication and interest .

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