40 Phrases for Observations of Evaluation Report

From the Forest of Fantasies , we want to help all nursery and primary school teachers, to fill in the observations of the evaluation or grade reports with the appropriate phrases for each subject, according to the behavior that a specific student or the group in question has had. general.





  • The student uses language to communicate and interact with other classmates.
  • Students use language to communicate and interact with other peers inside and outside the classroom.
  • The student does not use rude or hurtful words when communicating with other classmates.



  • Students have / do not have the same writing level.
  • Students often mistake letters for numbers.
  • Students try to match each letter with its corresponding sound.
  • The student writes a word with another meaning when he wants to communicate something totally different.
  • The student often uses pictures instead of words to represent concepts.



  • Students correctly identify a number of items as long as it is in small groups.
  • Students are able to compare groups of numbers.
  • Students know how to correctly name the numbers and in what order they are, both ascending and descending.
  • They usually make use of numbers to refer to situations in everyday life.
  • They can solve simple problems involving addition and subtraction of a number.
  • They correctly write the numbers to tell their age, how many pencils they have, etc.



  • Students know what an experiment is
  • They mention the steps to follow and make assumptions about the effect the experiment will have when it is finished.
  • They work well as a team.
  • They share materials.
  • They show interest.
  • They register and point correctly through the use of marks or drawings what they are observing.



  • Most of the students participate in group games.
  • Students perform gross motor exercises that involve control of each part of their body through certain movements and balances.
  • They play freely with the materials that we provide them, discovering new uses that they can give them, for example by making with building blocks.
  • They always choose and use objects with the appropriate safety measures.
  • They perform basic exercises such as jumping and running both free and closed spaces.

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  • The student perceives well certain changes that his body presents when he performs some physical activity: sweat, fatigue, etc.
  • Students correctly apply personal hygiene measures such as washing hands before meals and cleaning teeth after meals.
  • The student takes into account the safety rules established by the center, avoiding endangering himself or his own classmates by carrying out an activity or game not appropriate for his age.



  • Students have good communication with each other, talking about what they like.
  • They show interest, excitement and motivation in the face of challenges accessible to them.
  • They talk about how they feel when they are in a group of peers.
  • Students support each other when they see that someone needs it.
  • They respect themselves and their peers.
  • They use verbal language to express and understand what they feel at all times when they are going to face a conflictive situation.



  • Students carry out activities in which both girls and boys participate.
  • Students collaborate by doing collective tasks: Cleaning or tidying the classroom, making murals, etc.
  • They express ideas when they think a situation is not fair.



  • The majority of the group participates by listening and singing the songs proposed by the teacher.
  • Students participate in different musical games, such as following the rhythm using percussion or wind instruments (drums or whistles).
  • They experiment with different materials (tempera, waxes, watercolors, colored pencils, etc.) and techniques of plastic expression (finger painting, making collages, etc.)

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