The Arturo Bear technique to resolve conflicts in children

The Arturo bear technique is a method to use for conflict resolution . Very similar to the one known as the Turtle Technique and through in this case the figure of the bear, which is usually very well received among the little ones, we can teach them to know what to do in each situation of life.

Helped by a stuffed animal or by illustrations in which teddy bears appear, we will ask four key questions (through the character of the bear) that the child will quickly identify, contributing their possible solutions. Placing templates with pictures around the four questions around the room can be a good tactic for the child to always have Arturo present when needed.

This technique could be used from the age of two, but the ideal age is from 4 years old, since at this stage the child will have more capacity to identify problems, as well as a greater capacity for language to respond to problems. themselves.


The 4 questions of the Arturo bear technique

  • What is the problem?
  • What can I do to fix it?
  • Am I taking the right steps to achieve it?
  • I am doing it right?


These four simple questions should be used in the process so that the child learns to assimilate them and apply them when necessary: in any game, any activity or any task and life situation that creates problems. These questions are therefore a guide for problem solving , and should be asked aloud whenever necessary.

Parents should help the child in this process so that he can get closer to identifying the problem that has been posed to the bear Arturo and giving him a solution. It does not matter that children end up giving crazy solutions to the problem at hand, since what it is about is to acquire the behavior of asking questions when they need it and finding the solution to their problems.

This method is very beneficial, because apart from the fact that it can help the little ones to acquire the ability to respond to problems, it will be a fun activity for them and it will make them feel important when they see that we ask their opinion to help Arthur.

Help the bear Arturo with the original pieces of the Forest

For you to start using this educational technique of the Arturo bear we have created some original and very visually attractive templates, with which children can in an easier way, put themselves in the shoes of the Arturo bear and help them find a solution to their possible problems .

These sheets are ready to download and print for a better practice of the technique.

Put Arturo in his room and get to work!



el oso arturo dibujo 1

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el oso arturo dibujo 4

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