Sometimes doubts assail us when deciding which books or stories can be truly suitable for our children and which are not, or not so much. The truth is that making this selection properly is quite simple.
Do not lose sight of the guidelines that we have developed for you and put them into practice when you go to the bookstore or the library. You will see how easy it is!

How to select the best book

  • Allow your child to collaborate and do their bit when deciding which book to buy or pick up. Do not forget that you are looking for him / her, so his opinion is important.
  • Do not correct your child if he chooses a book that you did not expect or did not have in mind, as long as it is appropriate for his age, the book is for him.
  • Choose books that have pictures . When you are not old yet and you do not have a true reading skill, this is essential, since it will develop and enhance the child’s imagination.
  • Take the time you need . Don’t feel pressured by being in a bookstore and not buying anything or by going around the library a lot. Making a decision that seems important to you takes time.
  • Look for appropriate books for each age , although if you know that your child has an already forged taste for reading and is good at it, you could even choose titles for a year or a year and a half more without problems.
  • As your child gets older, you can mix short books with illustrations and longer stories . It is preferable to intersperse them, so that the change and the move to a more adult reading is not so radical.
  • Look for titles based on your little one’s interests : adventures, pirates, everyday things … Stories that deal with issues with values are always a good option to work on friendship, respect or solidarity, so they will always be a success.

If applying these tips you still do not know which titles to choose, do not hesitate to ask people who can guide you in it, such as the booksellers themselves or the library staff. The good thing about libraries when it comes to choosing specific books is that if you make a mistake, you can always come back for others that you like better at no cost. Or read them all to you! Do not make the mistake, if you prefer to buy and have new books, of choosing them without knowing well what their content is, since the result will be frustrating and not very positive to encourage your children.

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