There are old and new Christmas stories that we should always take advantage of to read with the little ones or to give them on these dates. That is why today we want to recommend some Christmas story titles that should not be missing in any home during the month of December, with titles in Spanish and also in English for the most daring. For sure, with these stories the Christmas spirit will reign everywhere as well as the interest in reading, which should never be lacking. Also, if you are no longer a child, do not worry, because they are books that will go straight to the heart of anyone and at any age.





Precious stories to give this Christmas


How the Grinch Stole Christmas (by Dr. Seuss)

Ages: 4-8

The Grinch is probably the most popular character of all villains, especially around the Christmas holidays. In the modern Dr. Seuss classic, the Grinch conspired to steal Christmas from the happy “Who” villagers of Who Town. The Grinch, on his adventure, awaits an important and valuable change that will take place in his heart, when he discovers the true meaning of the holidays.



Letters from Santa Claus (by JRR Tolkien)

Ages: all

For 20 years Tolkien sent his children letters from Santa Claus , describing the activities he carried out at the North Pole and the lives of all who live there. These cards are collected here for children around the world to enjoy, just like your children did.


Snow Dreams (by Eric Carle)

Ages: 2-6

It’s Christmas Eve and a white-bearded farmer falls asleep wondering how Christmas can come if there is no snow. Then, he dreams of a snowstorm that covers him and his animals. And when he wakes up … he discovers that it really has snowed! This beautiful and colorful book from the author of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” is sure to get everyone in a real holiday spirit this Christmas.



Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree (by Robert Barry)

Ages: 3-8

Mr. Willowby’s tree is too big, even for his giant house. So the butler cuts off the top and throws it away so the tree can fit. But, my friends, the tree will not end up in the trash … so you will have to read the book to find out what happens! This story can also be found with the title of “Señor Viladomat’s Christmas Tree”.


Polar Express (by Chris Van Allsburg)

Ages: 4-8

Although today we know more about this story from the animated film produced by actor Tom Hanks, the truth is that this story by Polar Express has been recognized for a long time, and it won the Caldecott Medal (an award that has been given in America since 1938 to the best American illustrator) already in 1986 to the best illustrations. It is the story of a boy who lies awake (unable to sleep due to the nerves of such an important night) on Christmas Eve and who goes on a trip to the North Pole with Santa Claus and some other lucky children. There will be a special surprise for him when he reaches the North Pole.



The Nutcracker and the King of Mice (by ETA Hoffmann)

Ages: 4-12

This is Hoffmann’s original story, written in 1816, and recently translated by Ralph Manheim and illustrated by Maurice Sendak, author and illustrator of the short story “Where the Monsters Live.” A nutcracker comes to life in this story, and will fight the evil king of mice . He will then take Marie, the girl who cares for him and heals his wounds, on a tour of Christmas Wood and Candytown . Her love will break the spell on him, leading the Nutcracker to find happiness forever.


Bear Stays Up for Christmas (by Karma Wilson)

Ages: 2-6

In this book (English only), Bear gets very sleepy every winter when he is preparing to hibernate. Can all his friends in the woods help him stay awake so he doesn’t miss out on the magic of Christmas?



The Legend of the Poinsettia (by Tomie dePaola)

Ages: 5-9

In this story, also known as “The legend of the Poinsettia flower”, Tomi dePaola deals with an endearing Mexican legend about the first poinsettias (called Poinsettia flowers, or Holy Night flowers in Mexico), and it combines a rich work of art with a timeless history. A girl named Lucida worries that she has no other gift to offer Baby Jesus other than a handful of grass she has collected. But when something miraculous happens to weeds, she will learn that the best gifts always come from the heart .


Enjoying the best stories should be an activity that we do all year round, but even more so at Christmas. Or is there a better gift?



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