Keys to removing the night diaper without drama

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it is one of those difficult tasks for parents . And something that must be taken into account is that you should never try to precipitate withdrawal because the evolution of each child is different .

Also, another thing to consider is that you do not have to be prepared to stop using the daytime at the same time as the night . Therefore, the best thing is, above all, to be respectful with the little one, not to force things and let him act . If you no longer wear a diaper during the day and you are thinking that maybe it is time to leave the night , see some tips to do it without drama .

When should night diaper removal begin?

That children at night means that they must control their nocturnal urination and that, therefore, they must learn to control their toilet bowls .

Between 12 and 24 months , you can start the day because the child begins to have both the sphincter and the bladder . In the case of the night diaper, you can start from the age of two , although after three you have to be more active with complete abandonment.

However, we must also be aware that the use of it could be maintained up to five years without being something worrying . In fact, some experts consider that having some nocturnal “leaks” are normal even up to seven before , so there is no need to obsess over a specific age . Of course, if it starts to cost you to quit after five years , you should consult your doctor .

How do we know when the time has come?

Some signs will tell you that it is time to withdraw and that the child is ready to sleep without a diaper:

  • He wakes up dry more than four or five in a row during the week. And also when you get up without getting wet from a nap (although we must bear in mind that sleep time is much shorter).
  • It has been months since she no longer uses a day diaper .
  • He does not want to use it and rejects it .

Some more tips

  • Best in . As it is warmer, it will already be more comfortable without a diaper . In addition, in the case of getting wet at night, we will prevent it from getting cold and from catching a cold due to the humidity . It will also be less cumbersome to wash all the bedding such as blankets, bedspreads or duvets that the child can use in winter.
  • Preferably we will choose to teach him to go to the potty rather than to the potty so that he can learn to use it and have a good posture .
  • We will prevent you from drinking after 7 or 8 in the afternoon , approximately two hours before you go to sleep.
  • Instill him into the habit of going to the bathroom just before going to bed to start falling asleep with an empty bladder.
  • If he gets wet again for several days in a row, it is better to put it on again , not scold him so as not to generate him and explain that little by little he will get it .

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