7 Benefits of growing up with pets when we are little

Only those of us who have grown up with animals at home know how immense and positive this interaction can be . Pets only bring benefits if they are accompanying a minor in their childhood.

  1. They feel loved unconditionally

Animals want without reason and without limit. They appear in lonely moments when we need warmth. This is perceived by children and they learn to give affection in a natural way. They gift their affection happily and confidently. They have also been shown to be less jealous.

  1. They increase their physical activity

The furry playmate is ideal for playing and also if it is a dog it must also be walked, which makes the child unintentionally move and maintain a routine of physical activity, which will make it stay active avoiding overweight and sedentary lifestyle .

  1. Your anxiety calms down

Just the act of caressing an animal lowers the heart rate and relaxes the nervous system. It has been shown that people who live with pets have a lower risk of suffering from depression. The child who gets angry finds comfort in his pet, it can be “talking” with him or having him close, which makes him learn to channel his emotions in a positive way.

  1. They acquire responsibility

Even if it is small, the child must be held responsible from the first moment of caring for the pet, either by feeding it, making sure it has water, taking it for a walk if it is a dog or changing the sand in the box if it is a cat. This way you will be aware of what it is to take care of a living being that has its needs. Knowing that he feels the same as him: hunger, cold, fatigue, and also the experience of seeing how they grow in parallel. This will undoubtedly make him a person more aware of his actions towards himself and towards others.

beneficios de las mascotas para los ni√Īos

  1. Your immune system gets stronger

Despite the fact that many people believe that having an animal at home can harm a child’s health, nothing could be further from the truth. Living with a pet has been proven to build defenses and lower the risk of asthma by up to 13% in children under one year of age.

  1. Psychomotor development is stimulated

Run, play, crawl, in short, imitate their movements. Everything will encourage the child to move with his animal friends in a healthy and fun way. And sure ahead of time.

  1. They have a tireless protector

Animals are aware that the child is the weakest member of the family and as such they treat him with great care. We have all heard of cases in which a pet protected the little one from some setback. Their instinct tells them that the child is defenseless and as such they take care of anything that may happen to him or whoever wants to attack him.

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