One of the most important problems in education is school failure , which in our country comprises a very high percentage of the student population. The consequences of this affect us in the medium and long term for several reasons, and therefore it is vital that we know what the most common causes are and how to combat it.


What is school failure?

The definition of school failure is often related to students, especially children. However, this problem is not yours, but is due to an inadequate educational program , which is not capable of meeting the needs of those who suffer from it. For this reason, this expression has been questioned on several occasions, since it seems that the students are the failures, when what fails is the system.

Despite the fact that it can be a cause of school dropout at an early age, the definition of school failure in the strictest sense is that of not having achieved the minimum academic qualification established by the current educational system.


Main causes

The most common causes of school failure have to do with the fact that the student has specific needs to motivate himself and these are not satisfied with the current educational system.

In the first case, when a student needs some specific attention in some field and it is not attended to, the lack of motivation can lead to the fact that in some subjects they do not obtain the results that are requested, and therefore they fail in the evaluation tests.

An inadequate educational system is undoubtedly the most prominent indicator of the factors that influence school failure. The overcrowding of classrooms could also be added, which makes it impossible for the teacher to be aware of the specific needs of each student.

Regarding socioeconomic factors , the family environment can also be one of the causes of school failure. If a child does not grow up in an environment in which study is given importance, or around them the idea is generated that as soon as possible they have to get to work, most of the time they end up dropping out of school or simply the tasks necessary to obtain the degree are not done.



The consequences of school failure affect throughout life. Those who lack the minimum qualification have problems entering the labor market, and when they do, they can only do so in low-paid jobs and without the possibility of progress.

Rejection is also evident when school failure occurs. Even in the family, when a young person fails in his studies, the environment does not usually make it easy for him and it is considered that time and resources have been invested in vain, which generates distrust and resentment. All this can also lead to social marginalization.

Despite years of trying to eliminate the causes of school failure and seeking remedies to avoid it, there is still a lot of work to be done, as shown by the annual rates of young people who finish their school age without having achieved a basic qualification.

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