New ways of approaching grandparents and loved ones

The coronavirus crisis has alienated us in much of the world from our families, and that has meant that we have to put more batteries than ever with new technologies , and that is for those fortunate enough to be able to dispose of them normally. In addition, many parents have been subjected to the great contradiction of having limited the use of screens in the past in the little ones, and that now they are not only a great resource for entertainment, but also for communication and a gateway to the world Exterior.

And yes, technology brings us closer to our loved ones , so there is no excuse (as long as you can access these types of devices or internet connections) for being far away or separated when it comes to hearing from our grandparents or other relatives. There are a lot of applications that can be used and that can also be adapted to each of our tastes and needs.




In addition, more and more experts in psychology recommend the need not to be isolated in these difficult times , because being at home confined when necessary does not mean that we have to isolate ourselves completely. In this sense, certain actions such as making video calls to family members can be very comforting and a real relief for our mental and emotional health.



Apps and resources to keep in touch with family

In these times of viruses and pandemics in which we find ourselves, staying at home is absolutely necessary to be able to quickly regain full normality, which does not mean that we can no longer communicate with our people or know about them or make them part of our day a day. Now more than ever, stay home and share with your grandparents and other loved ones, if possible, all that creativity and all that positive spirit that you squander to encourage them.


  • WhatsApp: we start with the most popular application among family and friends, which in addition to sending messages also allows us to make video calls . It is a totally free application that allows you to communicate with up to 4 people at the same time, although for small families or specific calls it is also excellent.
  • Facebook: Facebook is also a very popular application among friends and family to connect through Messenger. Although 50 people can chat at the same time, only 6 people can enter the same video call .
  • Skype: it has been a very popular App among students and young people until now, but also by people who telecommute, something that is being very popular today. However, now Skype is also beginning to be used among family members, and the main reason is the opportunity to be more connected, since with this App up to 10 people can connect at the same time … Ideal for grandparents with a large family!
  • Zoom: if the number of relatives is very large, then what you need is to connect with Zoom. This application allows you to connect with up to 100 people at the same time. Can they all be heard? We do not know, but what we do know is that the communication will last a maximum of 40 minutes , so the whole family needs to be in sync to get the most out of the call.
  • Jitsi: we have saved the broadest application until last, with no limit of participants. The good thing is that as it is an application designed for a large number of participants, they have also thought about the best way for everyone to be able to hear each other, which is why it has a “raise your hand” function to grant the right to speak . The downside is that if Grandpa or anyone else is not attentive, he will lose his turn.

Remember that if you are using the internet to pass the time and get to know your family members, you may have to try to do it at times of less traffic or less work to avoid that it collapses or that communications are cut off or slowed down.




Who was going to tell us that mobiles and computers were going to be great allies in the hardest moments? Although this does not mean that we should abandon the children and leave them for hours in front of the screen , remember that they can be a good alternative, especially communication with people as important as grandparents , so perhaps it is the best time to encourage the responsible and controlled use of them. And if unfortunately the grandparents of the family do not control these devices and these technologies, perhaps it is time to consider private classes when everything returns to normal , so that our dearest people will never be isolated again. Worth!

How are you living it? Are new technologies also uniting your family these days? Leave us your opinion!

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