Where are sleds used?

The sled is used on snowy terrain.

Big drops

A sled is a vehicle with skis instead of wheels. The traditional sled is made up of a board on two wooden skids, reinforced with steel bands. Nowadays, plastic sleds are manufactured with protection similar to that of the great sleds of the North Pole, which many children enjoy with their families on the main ski slopes.

A slide in the snow

On the flat and when climbing you have to pull the sled. However, to descend, it is enough to climb on top of the so-called sled and it slides on its own. The steeper a slope and the more compressed the snow is, the faster it will go. We can use reserved tracks or design our own circuits in those areas where the snow is very thick.

Sledding competitions

In 1872 the first races were made on sleds in which he was lying face down. Seven years later, the first tests with sleds took place in which one went with the legs forward. The icy tracks were a kilometer long. A height difference of 150 meters allowed to reach 150 km / hour.



Slope: It is the difference in height between two points. In sled races, the start is higher than the finish.


Niño con trineo en la nieve


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