The elderly need enthusiasm and children need patience. This is the secret of one of the most satisfying relationships that exist: that of grandparents and their grandchildren. This is what they must have thought in Seattle, where a residence for more than 400 elderly people called Providence Mount St. Vicent, known as “La Montaña”, also houses a preschool with children up to 5 years old. A news as surprising as it is charming, that we wanted to share with you.

As they say, it is incredible to see the transformation that the elderly have experienced since they interact with the children with whom they share spaces. They sing, they tell stories, they dance, they dress up, they teach them things, they smile more than ever, they are full and, above all, they demonstrate bomb-proof patience with the little ones, perhaps remembering what they have experienced years ago.

Older people tell how the experience is for them and some are even excited because for them it has been a resurrection. The little ones laugh, have fun and learn to respect. They all take care of each other and almost go at the same pace. For something they say that the elderly are slowing down their steps and vital rhythm, as if they were children again.

Fun idea. natural and positive

This idea has been so positive that it is hard to believe that it does not spread everywhere. It is also rare that we are surprised that it works or that there are doubts about the relationship between the two generations. The children seem to be very clear about it and do not have prejudices, they relate in a natural and fun way , while the older ones appreciate this injection of life in the form of a crowd full of curiosity and smiles.

I don’t know about you, but I would love to work on such a project and be able to contemplate this fantastic and fruitful interaction from very close.

Hopefully the example will spread and we can talk in a short time about more places like this and, consequently, more happy people who have regained the will to live in the moment that seems to be most scarce: the end of life.

What is your opinion? Do you like this project and do you think it should be noted? We await your answers!

And in the meantime we leave you with the video of the news in the following link:



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