To work on empathy and cultivate the development of emotional intelligence , it is very important to teach the little ones to work on feelings and on what agitates us inside without knowing very well why. Emotions shake us and visit us on many occasions: when we are happy, when we are angry, when we are ashamed, when we are sad for any reason … and it is essential to help children understand these situations, as well as inviting them to express them. Only in this way can we, as adults, understand what happens to them on each occasion, and they, in turn, will be able to understand the world around them much better.

Thanks to the control of our emotions we achieve that desired balance in life; that balance that helps us to move forward without falling apart or taking life as a joke. But these are not particular things of adults, and children must also learn to find their own and personal balance , as this will allow them to be responsible in their day to day and distinguish between good and bad, happiness and sadness. , or school and vacations.

If a child does not know very well to control or distinguish his emotions, he may get used to having tantrums or anger only when he wants or feels like something, and not when he has real reasons to be frustrated, or to yell instead of laugh when he is happy. This does not mean that we should restrict the freedom of the little ones, and of course a cry on certain occasions to release tension can be very beneficial for everyone. The important thing is to distinguish the occasion and the situation, and helping them in this search and identification process is in our hands.

When a child properly recognizes and expresses his emotions, he will also have the ability to recognize those of others and to put himself in the place of the other when he observes a cry, an anger, or a super happy person. Our son will have developed his emotional intelligence in a positive way, which will be a total guarantee of life and success for his future and his personal development in society.

A nice and simple way to work with the little ones on emotions are the educational cards . Cards in which a striking and colorful image stands out, which helps them identify their own emotions. If you have not yet worked with this type of material, we will facilitate your work. Through the basic cards that we propose, children will recognize everyday feelings and emotions that they will retain in their heads thanks to the fun that cartoons and illustrations provide them.

A pleasure for the eyes and the senses!

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