Do you know what sailor knots are?

The sailor or marine knots are special knots that are made in the ropes of the boats for different things.

The art of the sailor

A sailor must know the art and technique of sailor knots in order to be precise and achieve his objectives. Thus he can, for example, tie two ropes between them, fix the lines of a ship around a pillar, or hoist a man on board who has fallen into the sea. The knots also serve to tie a boat. They have many uses!

Knots for different uses

A boat moored to the pier pulls very hard on its moorings because of the waves and currents. That is why you have to tie solid knots. The half turn, the simplest, is usually enough. For each case a type of sailor’s knot is used: there are 60 different kinds!

Basic types

There are three basic types of knots: butt knots, to prevent a rope from slipping through a pulley or to pass its end; tie knots, used to fix a rope to an object; and tie knots, which allow to tie two ropes or a rope and a wire.


Pulley: it is a small wheel around which a rope is passed, in order to lift heavy loads.

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