In these times when innocence and illusion are lost earlier than expected, it is convenient to have on hand some films that inject positivity into our little ones . Of those that after seeing them everything seems easier. Here is our selection :



This story will make us leave the cinema with a smile and in a good mood. All the characters outdo themselves by achieving the impossible. Adventures, laughter and emotion on the surface in a must-have tape.


Witches, magic, a brave dwarf and a key girl in a prophecy to defeat evil. Fast-paced adventure that everyone will love because it maintains the tension until the end. Once again the characters fight tirelessly to achieve their purpose.

Inside of the labyrinth

Sarah has to rescue her brother from King Jareth. He will not give up until he succeeds despite enormous difficulties. A prodigious staging, music and David Bowie complete the footage.

karate Kid

Daniel San manages to have will and perseverance thanks to the teachings of Professor Miyagui. A beautiful story of a boy who achieves what he sets out to do.

The endless story

Wonderful and unrepeatable, it tells us how Bastian must find the courage and courage to save Fantasia from the invasion of the dreaded NOTHING. Simply beautiful, all the characters are unique.

las mejores peliculas infantiles

The goonies

A super classic that does not go out of style and in which the protagonists embark on a crazy race to save their house and not have to leave the neighborhood. Heartwarming and full of key moments in 20th century cinema.  

Manolito Gafotas

With a boring summer ahead, Manolito and his peculiar family bring us the most authentic humor and the teaching that although things get tremendously complicated, with good humor and enthusiasm, everything is fixed in one way or another.


A group of ants show that they can overcome difficulties and defeat the group of grasshoppers that harass them thanks to a very crazy plan devised by a restless and intelligent ant, Flick.

White Fang

A wolf who will go through all the calamities and without giving up will go on. Based on the book by Jack London, it is a beautiful story that also brings us closer to animals.


And you, which ones do you propose? Tell us!

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