How to protect our children from the internet? Parental control

What is parental control?

As we grow, people are becoming increasingly aware of the problems and / or dangers that we have to face in society. And until now, making our children aware of these problems was something simple, since it only involved raising awareness about relatively simple and tangible elements such as road safety or the correct behavior to use with others or in certain public spaces.

However, with the existence and rise of the Internet, it is becoming increasingly difficult to establish traditional parental control systems based, for example, on avoiding the viewing of certain television programs or establishing specific time frames for computer use. The Internet is now also outside the home due to the widespread use of it on other devices such as mobile phones or tablets, and this means that our children can use the Internet almost at any time of the day and, of course, also outside our home.

How to control minors’ internet use

The work of education takes on a special meaning in this matter, since the awareness and responsible use of the youngest when facing a screen will depend on it. But the truth is that we cannot forget the determining role that social pressures and third-party influences can play in this regard, and that is why it is important to establish certain controls that prevent our children from entering into dangers as serious as bullying, bullying, or the display of pages with harmful or adult-themed content.

In order to establish this control beyond the reality of our home, there are different tools that can be very useful to achieve our goal and to be able to live a little safer. In this way we will not be forced to restrict or prohibit the use of new technologies to the youngest, since the generalization of their use causes in them an assimilation of their completely normalized use and typical of the times in which they live . In fact, in the media there are more good elements than bad, and that is why its prohibition makes no sense as there are alternatives that guarantee a responsible and safe use by all, such as the one we have thanks to SecureKids , a application that parents and educators can use to manage those devices that our children enjoy. Forget traditional and coercive surveillance systems and sign up for a simple, modern and effective protection system.

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