Overcrowded classrooms do not allow good TEACHING

In recent times, one of the problems in education that occurs the most and that is less often talked about is the existence of overcrowded classrooms . This usually occurs in many centers, either due to lack of teachers, lack of classrooms or poor school management, but the truth is that it is a problem that affects both teachers and students, since the fact that the number of students being too high makes teaching difficult and, consequently, also learning and progressing through courses.


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We say that a classroom is overcrowded when it has only one teacher for every 30 students or more. And it is that, no matter how much a teacher has facility and mastery of the group, great knowledge and / or good will, the truth is that it is very difficult to escape the chaos that usually occurs in this type of group when the time of participation arrives, the entrance, the exit, to make a debate, to correct tasks in an efficient and personalized way … not to mention the way in which the ability of direct observation of the students is lost and a well-designed and planned teaching by the teacher . A complex and common situation that can get worse, which usually happens when the number of students is joined by a limited, narrow, dark physical space or with inappropriate lighting.

But, are there recommendations in this regard from organizations interested in promoting quality education, such as UNESCO? Has this problem really manifested itself internationally to find a solution? Or are teachers condemned to have to work more focused on commanding silence than on being able to implement learning dynamics and processes? The truth is that this is one of the most frequent and most ignored problems of recent times in the educational landscape, but the guidelines that should be taken to avoid it or the way in which we should proceed so that it is not something seem to be clear that ends up affecting the quality of teaching.


Recommendations to improve teaching in the classroom

How can we try to avoid the problems associated with a crowded classroom?

  • Not overcrowding the classrooms, which means that care must be taken that there are no groups of more than 30 students per teacher (although classrooms with much fewer would be preferable). In turn, the minimum number of students should be about 12 to achieve good educational management.
  • Not deifying or criticizing teachers, as they are ordinary people who all want to do their job and do their best. Some people believe that a good teacher should have mastery of the group regardless of the number of students he has, but it is necessary to know that more than 30 murmurs at a time can become an unbearable noise in the classroom, or that an inappropriate space can become like a prison and the beginning of a depressive state that, sooner or later, would end up affecting the health of both teachers and
  • We are concerned about having stimulating classrooms with enough space for 30 students, clean walls that do not generate stress, large windows and, preferably, with natural lighting. Light colors are always more appropriate, since regardless of the student’s personality they convey a lot of peace to everyone.
  • Remembering that inside a classroom we will find different types of intelligences . That is why different teaching methods and assessment instruments should be implemented to be fair to everyone. Among the main evaluation methods are the review of the notebook, concept maps, monographs, group work, anecdotal records or mind maps, among others.
  • Implementing classroom work and discussions in smaller groups when the number of students is high. For example, in a classroom of 30 students, 6 groups of 5 people each can be created to discuss topics in the classroom and to do so more effectively.


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In conclusion, overcrowded classrooms should be avoided at all times, since they do not allow a quality education or the concentration of teachers and students. A teacher with an excessive number of students can jeopardize the quality of teaching and learning and even up to group control.

A debate on which it is undoubtedly important to reflect.

Very good article.

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Very good article

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I fully agree, it is not easy to manage a classroom with 40 or 50 students, and more if we talk about the public school, where children with multiple learning and behavior problems arrive, due to the loneliness in which they find themselves, including suffering from domestic violence and the absence of school counselors.

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