Original gifts for mom

Any day can be perfect to celebrate and honor the most special people in our lives, that is, to give them an original gift worth remembering. And one of those people, without a doubt, is Mom.

One of the most significant dates to do so is Mother’s Day, although any other date can also be suitable to entertain and remind that special person that we love them. And since Mother’s Day is already very, very close, we offer you a series of creative ideas to give to that woman who is always present, who helps you when you have a problem or, simply, gives you strength in those moments when you feel bad. Many times you want to buy an expensive perfume or a jewel, but the reality is that this type of object is not going to transmit how much we love our mother or what it means in our life more than something simpler, cheaper and / or handmade.

And it is that it is not necessary to spend a lot of money for a gift to be original! It is simply a matter of finding the perfect present for our mother based on her interests and, if possible, making it with our own hands and effort. These types of gifts are the most ideal since they will be appreciated depending on the time it takes you to do it and the desire and enthusiasm you put into it. With these original ideas you can make your mother happy and also feel fulfilled or fulfilled by what you are capable of doing for yourself.

An original gift for mom: ideas and notes

  • Thank you video: it is not necessary to have a powerful camera for this gift, since nowadays it is possible to shoot a good quality video just with a mobile camera. You can appear in the video thanking your mother for everything she did for you and telling her everything she means in your life. Similarly, you can make a longer video to include your brothers and sisters, and even other family members, and complete it at the end with family images. An idea that can be very emotional as a gift, as well as original, to give to mom on her day and at any time of the year.
  • A song: as with the video, you don’t have to be a professional singer or have taken music classes. It is not necessary that it be a perfect song and not even have the voice in tune, but simply, write what we want to say and add music to it to achieve a very creative gift. You can film yourself singing alone or with your siblings and family, or do a live show during a dinner to see how excited your mother is after seeing all the effort and effort shown.
  • Cookies or cupcakes with messages: if you have the ability to cook, you can try to make cookies or cupcakes to which you can add symbolic or totally direct messages to surprise mom. You can make the basic recipe for cookies or cupcakes and then use chocolate or cream to form letters and build, in this way, a loving phrase for your mother. There are also edible prints that you can order from specialty stores and some large supermarkets to add family pictures and photos to your cookies. They are not difficult to work with and can work magic with the result. In short, a way to make an original gift to mom and, also, very tasty!
  • Crafts: there are all kinds of crafts that you can make and customize to suit your mother’s tastes. Using jars you can make small candlesticks, with the help of candles and fabrics to decorate the top of the jar. If your mother likes plants, you can make original pots with recycled plastic bottles or cans and place her favorite plant in them, previously decorated.


There are thousands of ideas! Explore yours and let your creativity fly. Feelings in the form of gifts … that will make Mom very happy!

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