As adults, we know that the presence of pets at home is a very serious commitment and that it is acquired throughout the life of the animal, so it is essential to be clear about its pros and cons when our children have a pet .

Living with animals in our home can be very similar (almost 50%) to having at least two children at home. Data like this can be very useful when assessing the viability of adopting a pet as a member of our family.

If as a father or mother you find yourself at that moment when we come to consider having a dog at home in a serious way, do not get carried away by the emotion of the moment or by the illusion that your little one has before this fact, and read carefully Our advice.


Tips to follow if you think about adopting a dog

  • Think if you have time : real time, not little Sunday rest periods in which to walk your dog through your favorite areas of the city. Dogs are living beings that need time and attention in a totally continuous way, and that is why they can come to seem like another child at certain times. If you are one of those who spend the day away from home … better forget this topic.
  • Think if you have space : animals are living beings that need their own space to develop with comfort, affection and dignity . But not only that small space in the house in a padded shape in which our dog rests, but also space in the rest of the house. All over! Do not forget that dogs are very active animals that will roam your house without regard from inch to inch. Having enough space at home will provide the future dog member of the family with quality of life. Do not let the possible stresses by narrow ends end up focused on your pet.
  • Think about whether you will endure : continuous barking, after hours, daily walks on rainy days or at odd hours … these are some of the things that will surely happen with a dog at home, apart from an exquisite education on our part. This type of situation, especially if we are habitually in stressful situations, can get to drive anyone crazy. Analyze yourself thoroughly and also think about the level of tolerance and patience of your children to deal with these types of circumstances. In any case, identifying our dog as a full member of our family will be the key to success at this point.


Everyone’s commitment : this last point is undoubtedly the most essential of all. You have heard the prayers of your children about the idea of having a dog, you would not have even considered it if it were not for their enthusiasm and insistence, but … are they really prepared? And it is that each and every one of the family members should make this commitment, which would avoid many unpleasant situations and the fact that parents end up taking care of a full-time animal that their children dreamed of so much. Educating the little ones in firm and total responsibility can be essential so that they do not give up on the care of their best furry friend.

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