What is lava?

Lava is the melting rock that the volcano spits out.

A sticky and burning material

In the center of the Earth it is infernal heat that can reach up to 5,000 degrees. Even the rocks melt because of this heat, forming a viscous and fiery slurry that is called magma. This mush tries to escape by the easiest way that is the chimney of the volcano. The volcano then spits out the lava.

A great fire serpent

The lava descends down the slopes burning everything in its path: trees, houses … and the molten lava can go at a dizzying speed that reaches 180 meters per second. The erupting volcano also spews deadly rocks, ash and gases. A fearsome Italian volcano, Vesuvius , destroyed many years ago, in Roman times, the city of Pompeii. Lava and ash had covered the city so well that for nearly 2,000 years it remained practically intact, until the moment it was discovered by archaeologists.



Fusion : It is when something solid like rock turns into liquid under the effect of heat.


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