Sport is an essential part of children’s development , as it helps them exercise their physical skills, socialize and have fun. They also learn to play fair and improve their self-esteem.

Physical activity in children under the age of five is considered essential, as it allows psychomotor development through which they learn to identify their body segments and coordinate them with each other. Likewise, sport improves cardiovascular functions and contributes to proper bone formation .

For the child to have a correct development, his beginning in the sport practice must be in a pleasant and progressive way . It is always necessary to monitor the child’s health and consult with specialists to determine what type of sport is the most suitable for the little one, according to their physical characteristics and character. The effort must be intensified little by little and with great care, because in this phase the child is in a process of organic and bodily development.

It is important to remember that the attitudes and behavior that children are taught in sport should always be to compete and not to win anyway. Parents, in this sense, must play an active and exemplary role, helping the child to develop the value of honesty.

Another essential issue is talking about what children observe at sporting events. As parents and educators we must teach the little ones that disrespectful behavior is not acceptable under any circumstances.

Recommendations to keep in mind

  • Go to games where your child participates. Discuss the outcome and your little one’s attitude during the meeting.
  • Encourage your child to tell you about his experiences with the coach and with other team members.
  • Help your child deal with disappointments and learn to lose. You cannot always win in life and it is important to realize this as soon as possible.
  • Be a model and respectful spectator. So your child will imitate you.


The importance of movement

Children do not stop moving. Through movement they learn and get to know the world around them. In general, the little ones need to move from one place to another, either running, walking, going up and down stairs …, yes, each at their own pace.

This is why children need games that allow them to develop their muscles . Once your child has begun to develop his largest muscles, pay attention to the finer ones. It is important that the little one learns to hold the colored pencils well and also to classify and select objects.


Important considerations

  • Encourage your child to dance. This is a good muscle-building exercise, and kids love it too.
  • Give your little one an empty egg box where he can keep buttons, noodles, and pencils. This will help you develop your fine muscles and learn to classify objects.
  • Teach your child to tie their shoes, or to put together puzzles. Everyday and fun situations that will also allow the development of their intelligence.

It is important to follow these suggestions so that our children are motivated and feel that we are always supporting them.

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