Theater and storytelling to teach astrophysics to the little ones

Who has not dreamed of being an astronaut or traveling to space? Who has not wanted to enter unknown galaxies as if it were a science fiction movie? Surely many, at some point in our lives, have wanted to feel and do something like this, and most likely during our childhood.

Astronomy or astrophysics are some of the most successful subjects in the school stage, and lately also in the world of television. Astronomy knowledge, such as knowing the names of the planets or the size of the stars and constellations, are some of the topics with which students can become more comfortable, allowing them to absorb this knowledge quickly. If the right way is found to present the topic and the specific knowledge, we will be able to make our students true scientists and researchers with a desire for knowledge that they could complete in their future. However, in the primary education stage the correct pedagogy is not always found to deal with these issues and take advantage of it.


teatro y cuentacuentos


Luckily, there are countless resources to develop knowledge of astronomy in a fun and entertaining way, promoting aspects such as creativity, imagination or research in children. Resources of a different nature, such as plays, storytelling, television programs, board games or workshops, are methods with which we can win over any primary school student as teachers. Of course, we must take into account which are the most appropriate resources according to the cycle in which we are located, or depending on how far the acquired knowledge reaches or the end we want to reach.

Performing plays or storytelling in which experiments are developed to answer questions, can be a very good educational tool, which will also help to promote the active participation of children. The narration and / or dramatization of stories related to the stars, and other components of space, are ways of making astronomy knowledge available to students in an attractive and enjoyable way.

Another interesting resource to use can be television programs with scientific content aimed at children. Using characters known and loved by students, such as “Tadeo Jones” and his collection of chapters produced by Mediaset de Discover con Tadeo , can be an interesting and entertaining tool to reach and transmit certain knowledge. If they discover that knowledge from the hand of beloved characters, they will surely not easily forget what they have learned.

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