The North Pole

The North Pole is one of the extremes of our planet.

Up or down?

An axis has been imagined that crosses our planet from top to bottom. The two ends of that axis are the North Pole, above, and the South Pole, below, also called the Arctic and Antarctic. They are surrounded by an ice pack where it is extremely cold. About thirty peoples, such as the Lapps and the Inuit, have adapted to this harsh life.

Only two stations

There are only two seasons at the North Pole: winter, which lasts for nine months, and summer, which lasts for three. In summer it is never more than -10º and in winter the temperature drops to -70º.

The midnight sun

Since the North Pole is at the end of the Earth, the days and nights do not follow one another as in our latitudes. For six months of the year, generally in summer, the Sun illuminates day and night without ever setting. And for the other six months, in winter, it never comes out and it’s always dark.


Ice floe : it is the ice that, in the polar regions, covers the sea and forms an immense white crust.

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