5 Benefits of putting children to bed with a good story

Reading is traveling, and “getting out of the house for a little while before going to sleep” is highly recommended. Do you want to find out why?

  • They learn to read earlier and better

From a very young age, you can start with the routine of night reading. You just have to adapt the books to the age of the child. We will start with stories in which images predominate and whose story is very simple. They will marvel at the illustrations and memorize all the details. The trick is to explain them with calm and interest. Asking them questions about what they see is also good to get them involved.

When they grow up, we complicate the plot and we will realize how they follow the letters. They will almost certainly ask us “where does that say” or what that other word means, thus encouraging their curiosity and interest in written stories.

  • They focus on the story

After bath and dinner, we will create the routine of accompanying them to bed with a book. The adventure begins and it is the ideal moment for them, being relaxed and calm, to fully immerse themselves in the story of their choice. It is highly recommended that, in addition to being given books, they visit a library one or two days a week so they can borrow their books and get into the habit of reading.

  • They share emotions

We will start by doing it for them and end up doing it for us. The bond and complicity that is created will be as strong as it is special. Seeing their faces, their curiosity, their discoveries and, as their surprise, their joy and even their sadness grow at what we are narrating, is priceless, and they will be unique and unrepeatable moments that we will surely always remember and so will they. It is literally a way of growing together and sharing emotions that they and we will experience for the first time.


  •   They relax to sleep better

We stopped the activity abruptly, lying on the bed and concentrated on the story, the characters, the colors, the pages, even the texture and shape of the letters. This will slow down the pace and the child will prepare to sleep peacefully. All a natural sedative.

  • They develop their imagination

We begin by saying that reading is traveling and, who travels, is the imagination. Thinking about how the protagonists will be, the environment, reflecting on what happens to them and how they act in the face of it … We put technological stimuli aside and teach them to observe everything in their head. To really feel. When they start they will not be able to stop, because it is an addiction to use the imagination realizing that they control it and can modify the details, the actions or the outcome at will.

When this happens there is no going back. We will have created a reader for life!

What are you waiting for? Get the card of the nearest library, and also make the child his. Organize a time a week to go read, rummage through the shelves and choose the books that will sleep at home that week.

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