For children to grow up with health (both physical and mental) they must be clear from very small aspects such as their rights and obligations. But not only on his part. For ours, that of adults, it is also very important that we are clear about our rights and obligations towards them, assuming that not always everything we do or tell them is really correct.

We, with more years of life and experience behind us, have a completely forged and defined character, which can turn us into perfectionists or too demanding many times, aspects that do not usually have a positive impact on the development of the little ones.

And it is very important for children that we “let them be.” Be themselves, experiment with life, allow them to make mistakes and even fall. That is why it is important that we relax and allow them to be children. In this list you will discover some of the most important things that we should never forbid a young child from doing.


List of things that you should not prohibit

  • Eat alone Most of the time, the fact that children are not allowed to eat alone is for the simple reason that they are going to get dirty, or to dirty the chair or the floor. And if we think about it coldly, who does this affect? Well, ourselves. That is, we do not really think about them when not allowing them to experiment with food and we should do so, even occasionally, because not only will they learn to be more and more independent and autonomous, but they will also learn to interact and take an interest in food in a natural and direct way, awakening their curiosity.
  • Having children should not lead us to believe that they should think and act like us. Instead of worrying about raising clones of ourselves, which only serves to feed our ego, we should be more concerned that the child learns and knows how to express himself in the world as it arises and comes out naturally and unconditionally. Keep your feet on the ground every day and worry about what you think or do and, above all, let me explain it to you and reason in its own way.
  • This point brings us back to the first, in which we talked about the obsession of adults with the subject of getting dirty . And it is that this aspect is so repetitive that it does not only take place at lunchtime, but also occurs in other spaces, such as when we take the child to interact with the outdoors in the field or in the park. If you take the child to the park, try not to continually tell him that he is going to fall or hurt, or that he is getting dirty and filling up a lot of sand, because the only thing you will achieve is that the child feels intimidated and self-conscious when playing and to interact with their environment. Keep an eye out and keep something out of the way so he feels free to play and touch the sand.
  • Let it help you. Young children love to collaborate and help their parents do things, and if they are new to them all the better. Our attitude by keeping them out of this collaboration is what makes them get bored over time and not offer their help at all. Try to say, can you help me? when, for example, you have to set the table or prepare something, since surely you will be delighted with the idea and participate in the family like any other member. You will see with what enthusiasm she acts when she feels so useful to you.
  • Scream, run and jump. When we come home after a hard day at work we like to disconnect, whether it is walking barefoot, changing our clothes for something more comfortable or reading a book or watching television. Well, children also need to disconnect when they get home , and this means that from time to time they need to run around, shout singing or talking, or jump like crazy from here to there. Make sure that this is not a tonic that leads to wanting to do it outside the home as well, but do not repress him for doing it sometime in it, because he really does it because of how happy he feels to be with his parents in the comfort of his home, and in these ways for us perhaps somewhat “exaggerated”, it is with which children manage to express their joy.
  • Unleash your creativity. Buy chalkboard-textured vinyls to hang on the wall, purchase non-toxic paints, or fully washable finger paint. Fortunately, all these useful resources are now available to everyone and allow adults to relax a bit more with respect to the hackneyed issue of dirtying or damaging furniture or certain surfaces. Children want and need to express themselves many times through drawing and painting and experimenting with colors and materials, and paving the way for them to do so without scolding will be good for everyone in the long run.

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