What is tolerance?

Tolerance is one of the greatest expressions of respect that can be towards other people. Being tolerant means understanding, accepting and respecting the ideas, beliefs, thoughts and differences of others, even if they are contrary to our own. Being tolerant is about recognizing that the world and the society in which we live is diverse , and that such diversity must be accepted and respected ; It is knowing that although the other may think or act differently from mine, that is his way of doing it and this does not make him less or more of a person than me, but simply different. It is important that children learn the value of tolerance from an early age, as it is one of the values that will lay the foundations for the proper establishment of positive relationships in their future.

We often see how, from an early age, there are differences or disagreements between children when playing, and that they often get upset because they have not learned to tolerate the ideas of others and to work as a team to find a common solution that respects the wishes of both or of the group. It is there that we adults have an active role, not to explain exactly how they should resolve their disagreement, but to offer them the support and guidance necessary so that they can do it themselves. It is to let them know that in them is the ability to solve a problem as long as they are able to listen and understand each other, as well as to find common ground even though they think differently.

It is very important that from a young age we are taught the importance of practicing tolerance , since from an early age we will find different thoughts and attitudes that will make us come into conflict with ourselves and face the need for mutual respect. Tolerance will help children and adults to establish adequate emotional relationships and to feel part of a group or community.

Like many other values, example is the best way to teach our children to be tolerant , and therefore we must be very attentive to our own attitudes. If we are not able to resolve our own disagreements with third parties, we cannot expect our children to do so, because they will not have learned that way of acting from those who are their main learning figures.

Currently there are a variety of stories, activities and games that can be a useful resource when teaching our little ones to be tolerant, and it will also help us to teach them in an attractive and fun way for them . The important thing is, in any case, that whatever resource is used to teach them, it is also practiced by the other members of the house and / or the learning center.

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