A child who READS will be an adult who THINKS

The brain, like the body, needs to exercise and the best way to do this is by reading. Reading is the brain’s sport par excellence and if we want to keep it healthy and fit we have to open a book often.

Although it is never too late to start, if possible you have to create the habit of reading from a young age. For this we will surround them with books that stimulate their curiosity and, above all, we will be an example for them. The child imitates what he sees and if he sees us reading, he will inevitably read. We can also give them books, exchange them, go with them to the library … any opportunity is good to acquire new readings.

They cannot be forced to read, but don’t worry, it is very easy for them to read on their own initiative if they are given the right impulse. Creating a comfortable, cozy and beautiful reading corner will invite them to relax browsing through their favorite books. And before you know it the house will be quiet and it will be because all the family members are reading.

It is essential that you share the details of the reading with him . Ask him to see that you are interested in his books. This will share the details of the plot and the characters. Always do it in a relaxed tone so you don’t feel like it’s a test or an exam. Reading should be fun and voluntary .

A child who reads is preparing a better future and here are 5 reasons that will convince you of it:


You will easily find your place in the world

The inexhaustible source of wisdom and experiences that is a book will inspire your life to be clearer about what you want to be and what you don’t want to be. This will help you locate and find yourself over the years.

Will question what surrounds him

Your critical spirit will develop almost as much as your imagination. Reading teaches you to think and thinking is asking why and why not. This is how the world progresses, turning everyday life around.

Will not settle

He will be a happier adult who will fight for what he wants, because he has seen beyond his day to day life and has enough stories in his head that will inspire him to always seek more and achieve his dreams.

You will know other realities that you would not otherwise see

This will make you more tolerant of other ways of living and thinking, and more empathetic with the people you meet, because reading will have taught you without realizing that you cannot judge anyone without wearing their shoes first.

Will broaden your horizons

He will undoubtedly know that there are more worlds than he knows, more countries, different cities, past and future times. Even imaginary worlds. This will give you perspective on your surroundings, give you more insight and, most importantly, a magical sense of freedom and power without having to leave your room. A reading has been said!

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