Why Short Stories Are So Good For Child Development

Young children cannot concentrate for a long time on the same story, that is why short stories are beneficial for children’s development in a very special way, because at the same time that we awaken their imagination and curiosity, we do not allow them to disperse or get bored.

Therefore, the task that both parents and teachers should have is to find children’s short stories appropriate for the age of each child and to promote interest in reading in a short and dynamic way. This practice, if it can be continued over time, will bring many benefits for the little ones and for their interpersonal relationships, which we will talk about below.




Benefits of children’s short stories


  • Improves concentration

Precisely, this continuous practice of reading short stories every day will improve one of the characteristics of young children, which is lack of concentration. Reading short stories helps improve children’s attention , especially if they are dramatized stories, so do not hesitate to emphasize each story, put different voices or even add costumes to the readings.


  • Positive values are enhanced in the child

The children’s short stories are an opportunity to show the values that the characters of the story transmit to the children and compare them with the experiences that the little ones have every day. In this way, parents have the opportunity to reinforce positive values and give their point of view with those behaviors that, in their opinion, are rather negative.


  • They learn new vocabulary

Each new story you read to a child is a new vocabulary and language learning challenge . If you usually do a reading every day, or at least weekly, you will see that the little ones will ask about words that are strange to them with curiosity, and how little by little they will begin to be known as part of their daily vocabulary.


  • Strengthens the child’s relationship with his parents

Children anxiously wait for night to come so that their parents tell them a story before going to bed, believe it or not, because if there is something that interests children above all things, it is to be accompanied and with their loved ones dear. The joy of having a date with mom or dad improves your confidence and reduces fears , such as the typical nighttime fears related to loneliness or darkness. If you accustom the little ones to a brief reading before bedtime, the children will associate going to bed with a moment of love and authentic pleasure, something that will strengthen even more the existing bonds between children and parents.





  • They stimulate your creativity

Children have gigantic imaginations that can be fueled by the short stories you read to them. You can even let them guess the ending or imagine what will happen next, as this will encourage them to actively participate in the readings and foster their creative ability . As if that were not enough, in addition to entertaining them and gaining their attention, reading will feed their imagination and their ability to dream.


  • They develop abstract thinking

Young children are primarily logical, as abstract thinking is not really well developed in them. However, by practicing telling short stories, you can help them stimulate abstract thinking by making it easier for them to develop original ideas and create made-up scenarios. Remember that in adulthood, abstract thinking is important to anticipate situations and develop strategies that allow us to solve problems, make decisions and live with awareness.


That is why short stories have to always be present in childhood, because there are many things that they can contribute to the little ones, in addition to allowing excellent quality family time and extraordinary moments in company, all doing things together and together. the hand of stories and characters that allow us to dream beautifully . That is why you cannot miss our stories of the Forest, as we always propose new and original stories with which to spend extraordinary moments.


Which of all our stories will you read today?

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