The variety of bears

The bear can be brown, white, black or reddish.

  Types of bear

The white bear lives at the North Pole, where it feeds on seals. The grizzly bear is the American cousin of our brown bear: it is dark in color and has a silver tip of its hair. The smaller collared bear is brown in summer and black in winter: it sports a pretty white collar on its chest. The snout bear has long dark hairs and highly mobile lips that it can stretch forward. The coconut bear is the smallest of all. His hair is short and black, with a white or orange marking on his chest. Climb the coconut trees with great agility. The Alaskan Kodiak is the largest, and the male weighs 800 kilos.

Glasses on the nose

The spectacled bear is the only bear that lives in South America. The two large rings around his eyes give him a curious look as if he was always in awe. He is the most vegetarian of the family: he likes to eat leaves, fruits and roots.


Bezudo or snout: which has very thick lips.


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