The human being is emotional by nature and this is not a bad thing. However, many times we let these emotions take over and control us or, what is worse, we even block them to unsuspected limits.

Nowadays, in addition, there is a tendency to talk a lot about positive emotions and how we have to enhance them for a better life, forgetting that negative emotions are also necessary many times to have an emotional balance. The value of negative emotions is therefore displaced, almost becoming demonized.


The importance of emotions in communication

The manifestation and recognition of emotions help us to communicate and express ourselves in the world. They are so important to our lives that it is good to learn to take advantage of them, to handle them, to predict them and to direct them according to the circumstances. In this way, both positive and negative emotions are valued.

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Is it possible to always be happy?

Unfortunately the answer is no. Although we try to always be happy, life will always be marked by events that may not be so happy, and it is also necessary to adapt to these types of situations to move forward and overcome them later better. Life is a roller coaster, with its ups and downs, and we can take these shocks better or worse depending on the control we have of our own emotions, among which are also negative ones. Because… how could we know that we are happy if we have never experienced the feeling of sadness?

Ying and yang

Negative emotions are part of human evolution and therefore we cannot put them aside even if it is what they have taught us. We cannot stay in a bubble when we feel happy, or else we could lose our connection with reality. In addition, the self-demand that comes with the desire for happiness can create a lot of personal dissatisfaction and discouragement in the long run. Valuing what we have in each moment will make us set more real goals and educate children accordingly. Bearing in mind negative emotions helps us to improve ourselves, to make an effort and to grow.

It is very important to always keep in mind that emotions are a complex process that is part of life, and that in no case should they be blocked. Keeping this in mind will make it easier for us to guide the educational process of the little ones, allowing them to be aware of themselves and learn to express themselves at all times as they need it.

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I am a clinical psychologist by profession, I work in a Ministry of the social area with girls and boys who are in institutional care and I consider your articles very interesting to replicate the technicians of the units and improve the quality of care while the girls and boys are in institutions.

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I have a girl who is almost two years old and she cries about everything, especially if you don’t let her do something or eat, I feel like she doesn’t listen to me when I say no, and neither when I call her only when I raise my voice. How to handle this and above all, learn to wait.

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What effect does it have on children to constantly observe their parents disqualify themselves, what would be the emotion to work to mitigate the impact of this situation? thank you.

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