Stories to work through grief and loss with children. First part

Coping with death is not easy for adults and teaching children to see loss as something natural is difficult for us, and it is completely normal not to know where to start or what to say to them.

Thinking about this we bring 5 stories that will help the child to understand that death is part of life and will also take the drama out of this inevitable situation from very different points of view. They are the first part of a selection of truly beautiful books all written with infinite love. We sincerely hope that they will be useful for you to get closer to your children, grandchildren, nephews or students on this delicate subject.

And it is not necessary to wait for the child to suffer a loss to read these texts, but it is convenient to work it with him as we would with any other topic that worries him, worries him or simply does not understand. This way you will be more prepared if you have to deal with it.


  1. The Tree of Memories, Britta Teckentrup. Cloud Eight

This beautiful book tells us how an old and tired fox walks to his favorite place in the forest to fall asleep forever. Meanwhile, all the animals that have lived with him begin to share their memories. Suddenly, the silence with which the story begins is filled with anecdotes and happy moments, making it clear that we must remember what we have lived with people who are no longer there and that this is the best way for them to stay with us forever. .

  1. ‘It’s not easy, little squirrel.’ Elisa Ramón and Rosa Osuna. Kalandraka.

A squirrel faces the grief of losing a loved one and experiences different states of mind: sadness, anger, anger … even thinking that it will never be happy again. But throughout the pages we will see how he recovers little by little, being able to overcome the pain that he believed was eternal. Intelligent reading that although it worries the child at first, it will help him to see how it is possible to feel peace with the passing of the days, while identifying with the little squirrel.

  1. Cloud Body, Ana Eulate. Editorial Cuento de Luz

A mother sheep takes care of her son Kor Derito, a sick little sheep with the body of a cloud, who finally dies becoming the most beautiful cloud of all whose mission is to help children have the sweetest dreams. Especially indicated when the death is of a very young person.

  1. Julia has a star, Eduard José. Editorial La Galera

Julia’s mother tells her that she is going to work on a star. You have a terminal illness. From that moment Julia will have her own star shining in the night sky. A very beautiful story that touches on the subject of diseases and painful outcomes.

  1. A house for grandfather. ‘ Fat Toro and Isidro Ferrer. Red Fox Books

The whole family goes in search of a place to bury their grandfather and finds him in a field of sunflowers. In that same field they build their new house and continue their life. This beautiful and curious story transmits the idea of the cycle of life and death through the metaphor of building the new on the old, of being reborn to continue, and also tells us that memories will always be with us. Highly recommended.

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