Parents and teachers constantly complain about children who are restless, difficult to sit still, or focused on an activity for a reasonable amount of time. Sitting in a chair or a desk can be a punishment for these children and adults often do not know how to integrate them to the rest of the group or channel special activities for them.

The first thing to know is that many of these children may be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) . These children are impulsive and hyperactive , and as a consequence, their school performance can be affected by that same impulse, resulting in hyperactivity in any area, school, home, social gathering, etc.

ADHD can manifest itself in three ways :

  • Lack of attention.
  • Hyperactive and / or impulsive behavior.
  • The previous two.


Games for children to improve attention

  • Invite the child to color mandalas , this will help him to concentrate and relax. In this way you will use your energy to combine colors and boost your creativity.
  • At home you can incite him to building puzzles, hyperactive children may find this activity a bit desperate. Do not look for a puzzle with many pieces, the important thing is that he is encouraged to play this game. When he succeeds, it progressively increases in number of pieces, always with his permission so that he can participate at ease.
  • Analogy and difference games are games that require a lot of attention and can be really challenging for these children. Encourage him to do them.
  • Word search and crossword puzzles are also games that require patience, memory, and attention. So it will help them focus.
  • Another great game is the search for detail , in this game you must show the child an image for a few seconds. Then you ask the child to draw what he remembers in as much detail as possible. Let the child focus and finish his drawing. The more details you have, the greater your concentration effort and the greater the praise should be.


Other recommendations for children with attention problems

At home you can put music in his room and in his workplace relaxing music , such as classical or instrumental music. This can enhance the calm and help you need to focus on your activities.

Sports are also a great way for children to channel their inattention. In any sport you must focus on reaching a goal, but take advantage of this option mainly if your child is competitive, since he will make a great effort to concentrate and will do it at ease.


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