The importance of eating together as a family

When we talk about the family, there always has to be time to share with each other. Chatting, laughing and, in general, enjoying the company of your loved ones, becomes even more important when it comes to eating together and sharing each meal of the day.

Whether it is in the morning with a rich breakfast, at noon during lunch or at the end of the day with dinner, eating as a family will always be something very rewarding that we should not skip due to fatigue or the rush of day to day.


Advantages of eating together as a family

According to specialists, eating as a family has more benefits than we might believe, since by enjoying that valuable time together, human beings develop their sense of belonging and identity , also giving them the opportunity to know who they are and who loves them .

That ideal moment to share that represents mealtime, makes the union between family members become stronger and, although it is very difficult to achieve it on a daily basis due to lack of time, this act can become a family ritual of weekend or in one of the three important meals of the day.


Advantages that eating as a family has for the little ones in the house

  • Strengthens the selfesteem of the little ones.
  • Children feel supported .
  • They improve their vocabulary .


Other aspects to consider

It is important that during the meal there is a good conversation , in which family members tell what they have done or will do during the day, share an anecdote, or discuss a topic in general. Thus, even if your child does not speak yet, this activity or ritual will help him to develop his language little by little.

Avoid talking about negative things , that the table is not a space to scold, hear screams or fights, but to laugh, get in touch and get to know each other more. No work or study on the table, all members of the family should concentrate on enjoying food and company.

The little ones learn by example and it depends on the older ones that the memory of that family reunion at mealtime is as pleasant as possible, as well as that the teaching of listening, tolerating and enjoying, remains impregnated in them for life.

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