The case of the school that revolutionizes education

In Hospitalet de Llobregat there is one of the most conflictive neighborhoods in Barcelona: La Florida. And in it is the Joaquim Ruyra school, a center that has changed its environment, or according to the neighbors, has brought peace.

Raquel García, director of the center, and Miquel Charneco, head of studies, less than a decade ago began with the idea that gives shape to this school. Through a course taught by the Generalitat, they realized that another education was possible and was called a “ learning community ”.

Miquel declares that «What we are obsessed with is not teaching, but rather that students learn. It is not the same, if you think about it. And they seem to learn and also enjoy doing it. The school has surprised with its results in the basic skills tests carried out by the Generalitat. Its students are well above average, surpassing even some of the best private schools in Barcelona.

Against them they have the problematic environment of the neighborhood and the complexity of the students , not so much because of the numbers of foreigners (92%), but because of the mobility of the children. Changes of domicile, evictions and returns and returns to the country of origin have too much influence. A course begins with some children and ends with others. But all this has not been able to with the will of a group of teachers who are willing to change the educational model even if this implies more work and much more effort.

colegio infantil

What are the keys to this “educational miracle”?

By dividing the class into interactive work groups for 60% of the teaching time, they are able to reinforce collaborative learning in which some students support each other. Here there are no master classes, there are games, challenges, debates, classrooms always open, materials manufactured in the center (such as robots for example), digital resources, donations and yes, conventional books too.

One of the keys to attending this initiative is the inclusion of volunteers who enter and leave the center throughout the day. They are about 100 and 25% direct relatives. This has created a fabulous interaction between the children, the school, the neighbors, the family, in short with the neighborhood where in the end the objectives and mutual help are reflected. The Joaquim Ruyra school, according to the same police, is an oasis in a disadvantaged area, a hope in which everyone can participate. Among the volunteers there are former drug addicts and illiterates. And it is that children can also teach who is going to help.

Dialogue is basic, everyone feels useful and listened to. It is not segregated for special needs or for being in foster care. In an attack on the system, everyone works together to avoid labels and prejudices , in addition to reinforcing self-esteem by making it possible for everyone to achieve their goals regardless of their condition.

After explaining how this school has changed the lives of children and their environment, it is not surprising that every day teachers, students, curious people and journalists come to see this fabulous educational experience up close that is undoubtedly worth understanding and copying. .

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