Relaxation is the main part of a happy life . Knowing how to disconnect, slow down and breathe calmly makes us have a different perspective of what surrounds us, which is essential to relativize, not give so much importance to things, and it is also essential to assimilate what we see, hear and, above all, we feel.

From childhood our routine should include relaxation to make it a habit as we grow up. We would have less stress and anxiety getting to be more capable, rested and happy adults.

As important as playing, jumping, running and doing any physical activity, it is guiding the little one on the path of relaxation. Teach him to pause and breathe, to be silent, to concentrate, to simply listen . In short, to go up and then go down calmly feeling how your body gradually returns to level.

And that’s not all. If you want to know more benefits of relaxation in children, continue reading:


  1. When a more or less intense intellectual or physical activity ends, small relaxation exercises bring the child to a state of well-being and tranquility that prepare him to start the next activity.
  2. Organizes children’s energies, maintains activation at an optimal level and produces global well-being.
  3. Specialists assure that it helps to overcome shyness . It contributes to the treatment of tics and other symptoms related to anxiety in especially nervous children.
  4. It nurtures self-confidence , stimulates memory and concentration, improving the ability to learn.
  5. A relaxed child is a more receptive child in every way, more sensitive to his environment and the people around him.
  6. Being relaxed and calm improves the quality of your sleep .
  7. It does good to the blood circulation, it keeps anxiety , panic attacks at bay and its help to reduce and eliminate stuttering is very valuable.


As we said at the beginning, being able to relax is knowing how to live, it is finding the balance so necessary in today’s life, full of hurries and races.

Ensuring that our children know how to combat that daily pressure from a very young age is to give them an irreplaceable tool to face the stresses of the day to day and the problems that arise from the tranquility and the ability to reflect that knowing how to relax provides and, also, use it as daily resource to face with peace nothing more and nothing less than life.

We are already clear that it is fantastic for the child that we teach him to relax. Well, pay attention, it will also be good for us because it will “force” us to lead by example and live better, breathing and taking things more wisely.

What are you waiting for to transmit that peace? A “calm, breathe slowly, let’s sit down, there is no rush, look around you” always crouched to be at eye level works miracles. Test it!

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