The cinema has vindicated the role of teachers in society for decades, exposing the challenges that they have faced and face as professionals and also their students inside and outside the classroom in each era. The social, political and cultural reality that is shown in each scene is in itself a lesson for teachers and students who seek to break paradigms . Therefore, in today’s article, we want to review 8 movie titles that you should not miss, whether you are a teacher or a student. Unforgettable titles that will not leave you indifferent at all …





Movie titles teachers and students should watch


  • The 5 Club (1985)

It is a comedy that highlights the different personalities that can exist within the classroom. Five students are punished and sent to their school library to write an essay about themselves. With this movie you will learn how each personality faces life from their perspective , which definitely helps to develop greater empathy between students and teachers.


  • An Intruder at Harvard (1994)

Another comedy that gives great life lessons to students, recommended for especially competitive and studious students . A title that will teach a lot about life too. The protagonist, Kessler, is a brilliant Harvard student with a promising future who only needs to present his thesis to graduate. Due to matters of destiny, having her ready to present her misleads her, coming to the hands of a very witty beggar … another very different person who crosses her path and who will make her live unexpected adventures before handing her over.


  • Unforgettable Lessons (1988)

It is a film based on the real life of the Bolivian math teacher Jaime Escalante (1930-2010). Despite having studied to be a mathematics teacher in Bolivia, he had to go back to studying mathematics in the United States to be able to practice his profession. This is how he manages to enter to teach at Garfield High School , however during his career as a teacher he was about to resign when he saw that his students did not satisfactorily pass algebra to enter university. But his vocation makes him find a way to get 30 of his 33 Latino students, underestimated by the school system, to get their way to college.


  • Everything begins today (1999)

A French cinema film that teaches how the school should not only be concerned with academic knowledge, but should also be involved in social life to combat injustice, racial and cultural differences . The film is presented as a documentary and the actors are from the educational milieu, so you will surely enjoy it.


mejor cine educación



  • The Dead Poets Club (1989)

It is an American film interpreted by Robin Williams and directed by Peter Weir with 4 Oscar nominations and 4 Golden Globes. It narrates the experience of a group of students from the 1950s who have the opportunity to have a literature teacher that inspires them with unorthodox methods that help foster creativity and a revolutionary spirit .


  • Precious (2009)

It is a film that narrates the harsh reality of a young woman abused since childhood by her family, fellow students and society in general. A victim of constant abuse, contempt for her obesity and a single mother at an early age, she sees studies as a way out of her situation. It is truly a film that inspires self-improvement.


  • Mona Lisa’s Smile (2003)

A film starring Julia Roberts that tells the story of a teacher’s struggle to make a cultural change in her students, who only thought that life was to be a wife, mother and housewife. This is the dominant thought of the upper-class ladies of 1953, the time of the film, against which the teacher will fight to make them see the value of intellectuality also in the female sex and the need for equality.


  • The Teacher (2014)

Exercising the profession of being a teacher in the midst of the injustice that occurs in war is the main plot of this film. Alberto Manzi is a young graduate with honors who, due to injustices in life, cannot be a teacher in the selected school, all he can do is be a teacher in a prison school where injustice is greater than that of free men. There are no books to teach, no educational environment, and no desire to learn. It is quite a challenge for this teacher to teach his students in a way that they never taught him at the University.


Learning from the experiences of others is an opportunity that life gives us to reflect on our direction and our actions. In the same way, films about the lives of teachers and students make other teachers question their way of learning and even the system imposed on teaching. This can develop critical thinking that will also be of great value to students and to society in general.

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