Ghosts and witches are often immediately associated with the Halloween party, as they are characters that we understand as protagonists of fear and terror, or as evil characters in stories. That is why they are also usually the favorite costumes of the little ones , because a ghost and a witch can also be very funny, and having a good time is something a child can do phenomenally. But this time we are going to talk about the ghost costume, so that you can make a simple and inexpensive costume if you need to take care of the costume of your children or students at this next party at the end of October.






How can I make a simple ghost costume?

If you are thinking of making a ghost costume and you still don’t know very well where to start, take note of all the ideas that we propose:


  • Find old sheets that you no longer need

Choose an old white sheet that you no longer need. A folded sheet can work very well for a child. Test the sheet over your child by having them hold their arms out to the sides. Adjust it so that it evenly covers your body from side to side and front to back. Cut off any dragging parts so this isn’t a trip or fall hazard.

Place a cap on the child’s head to prevent the sheet from moving all the time while you mark the eye holes with a marker. Then remove the sheet and cut the holes through which the child will look, making them large enough to allow a wide and complete view. When the day comes to wear the costume, make sure that the rest of the clothes are white or beige , if possible, so that it does not show through the sheet.

If you want to add a more picturesque and original touch, get a top hat, for example, to act as an ancient ghost. But yes, do not be obsessed with anything in particular, because it is about the child choosing what they want to wear, what they feel most comfortable with. If it’s a cowboy hat… that will be fine too! Or is it that there are not ghosts of all kinds? Wearing a hat will also help keep eye holes in place more easily . A belt can also be worn at the waist, and then the sheet can be pulled to conveniently cover the feet without allowing drag.

To add other original details, look for white gloves, so that the hands are not visible; a helmet under the sheet to give the whole more firmness and depth; use pieces of black felt to make the ghost’s mouth or open another hole so that the child can speak (in this case you could paint his lips white or black with a lip balm) … whatever you can think of!


  • Look for clothes and white paint

If you don’t want the costume to consist of a whole sheet because you think the child could be overwhelmed, no problem, because there are other ways to make a simple ghost costume, something like a ghostly person, and not a classic ghost . In this case, the costume will have to leave the child’s head totally free, so the important thing will be to focus on the colors of the clothes or on the makeup and hair. Without a doubt, this type of costume is more useful for places like school, since it does not affect the ability of the little ones to move .




Look for all-white clothing items, you can wear loose clothing like a sweatshirt or an adult t-shirt if you want to give it some space and a sense of movement. Find a white skirt or tutu, lay old ripped white fabrics over the rest of your clothing… and most of all, wear white face paint (applied carefully and without exaggeration) on your face, neck, and hands . You can use face paint in shades of black, gray, green or dark blue to put around the eyes to make them look hollow, and a little bit on the cheekbones as well. Lastly, spray paint (non-toxic) your hair a white or gray shade, or find a white cap or wig to make it easier to put on and take off.


As you can see, making a ghost costume for kids is not only a classic thing that never goes out of style, but it’s also easy and fun to wear. And best of all, it can be very cheap and easy to do. Using a few simple items you have around the house, you can make a Halloween costume that will blow everyone away.


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