4 simple tips to promote the self-esteem of the little ones


Self-esteem is the concept we have of ourselves, and that this is positive is essential to successfully overcome the difficulties that arise and face life with the best smile, reaching where we want to be.

In order for our children to grow up with high self-esteem, we must nurture it from a very young age, strengthening the image they have of themselves. This task may seem difficult but with love and patience we will achieve it without difficulty.

Here we tell you how to do it. Don’t wait any longer to put these 4 simple tips into practice.

Love it

Of course you love your son but he has to realize it; he has to notice your hugs and kisses often. Physical contact is essential to feel loved. We will not tire of saying that there is no limit in giving love to your child. On the contrary, the more the merrier. Thus, in addition to feeling good, protected and safe, you will become a loving adult with your family. Value his achievements, let him see that you are proud of him. But be careful, without comparing it to anyone. Surround him with affection and understanding and he will learn to love himself.

Make him independent

Since childhood you can try to stimulate him to start doing things alone. This will make you proud of your accomplishments no matter how simple. For example, you don’t know how to tie your shoes yet, but you can put them on by yourself. Encourage him and you will see how this simple gesture makes him excited. Let him help at home, cooperate with simple tasks. You will feel useful and capable, becoming more and more autonomous. This will be crucial for your self-esteem to grow.

Stimulates their sociability

Encourage him to interact in his environment, to greet the people he crosses every day, for example. Teach him to make friends, not to be ashamed to ask other children if they want to play, to strike up a conversation. It is clear that some children by nature are more shy than others, but if we give them the guideline so that they can relate easily, we will have more self-confident children that if they need something they will ask for it without fear, and that they will always find something little friend to share a game, wherever they are, which will make them more carefree and calm.

Teach him to value what he has

Not needing what you can’t have is the key to not getting frustrated and learning to enjoy the little things. Make your child realize how lucky he is living as he lives: the people who love him, the food that is put on the table, being able to go to a park or a beach, play with his classmates or friends, dance , doing sports, celebrating his birthday… Everything is fantastic and he is lucky to be able to enjoy it. Valuing your life will make you feel lucky and happy, which is key to being comfortable with yourself.

So now you know: hug him, encourage him, let him do things alone even if he makes a mistake because he is learning …, it stimulates his social life and makes him value his luck. More or less that is the secret so that you learn to love yourself and thus you can choose the people who truly appreciate you, not to endure abuse and to have a dignified and full life.

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