6 advantages of painting and coloring in early childhood education

No matter the technique: pencils, markers, tempera or finger paint … The advantages of a child jumping into the world of drawing and color are incredible and perhaps you should start considering making a painting corner where they have their colors and their small table with blank notebooks and figures. It is also an option to paint a blackboard wall (any paint store will give you the necessary instructions) or cover it with vinyl for markers. This way you will have freedom of movement and we will prevent you from spreading your creations throughout the house.

If you are still not convinced by the idea, see the advantages of becoming a small artist:

Express your feelings

Painting helps you understand the world around you using both brain hemispheres: the left one responsible for logical thinking and the right one, related to imagination and creativity. Through shapes and colors the child expresses his emotions. Your strokes will be big, small, strong or weak depending on how you are and what you feel at the time.

Promotes concentration and calms

Coloring or painting for a little while a day should be compulsory even for “grown-ups”, the more so for children. Even the most restless little one with a blank paper and painting by hand calms down and for at least half an hour he is only focused on filling every corner of the page with color and joy. Mixing tones and seeing the effects, we get them to concentrate and pause the necessary time to breathe serenely.

Stimulate their creativity

It is convenient to leave different materials within reach for him to experiment, as well as avoid giving instructions such as: “the trees are not red”, “do not step out of line” or “a squirrel does not have 5 legs”. Let me draw the world however I want. Don’t limit it. If we condition children’s minds to think like us, who will change the world in the future? What’s more, let’s try to create the most crazy and fun drawings with it. Transforming reality is liberating and, in addition, sharing a different vision of the world with our children enriches us and brings us closer to them than we might think.

Helps you get organized

Think in advance what color you are going to use and how. Finish, start, make it smoother, that if points, that if lines, that if circles, that if now the hair, the eyes … Every time you paint or color your brain is planned on the fly. And it is customary to follow an order to reach a goal. He understands that everything has a process, which makes him mature without realizing it.

Stimulates psychomotor development

Drawing is a great exercise for your motor skills. From holding the pencil to controlling the stroke or intensity, it is very useful for the child to gain agility and dexterity. It is the perfect prelude to learn to write.  

Raises your self esteem

For all that we have said in the previous points, it is logical that we end up talking about self-esteem. Your security is increased as you have found an activity that you can master, that gives you freedom and relaxes you. He feels that what is in his head takes shape, has value and also is getting better and better.

Let’s paint!

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