Ideas to create a good daily study space at home

We know that a well-designed classroom can greatly increase student achievement, but what happens now that children cannot go to their schools to learn and have to stay home? Well, this means that, what we normally apply to the classroom, we must now apply it to the home while the circumstances require it. This also means that we may have to modify some spaces in our houses or take into account a series of ideal recommendations to promote the study environment , so that children have easier to concentrate and do their homework. entrusted.



A situation like the one we are experiencing today in much of the world should also be an opportunity to reflect on the importance of having a suitable room and study space (and always to the extent of each one’s possibilities), in addition of some good study techniques , so do not miss the recommendations that we have prepared for you in this article.



How to transform the home for a good learning of the little ones


  • Banish clutter completely

Undoubtedly, disorder can affect the learning performance of children, and being surrounded by disorder reduces the attention span of students. Clutter can even affect behavior, so a clean and organized environment is crucial to have good results and to encourage good behavior and good disposition of children when it comes to studying and working at home . With this in mind, be sure to thoroughly clean the room your children will use for homework and study during this time, as they will need to do it longer than usual. If there are papers and folders scattered, pack them or store them in an accessible shelf or drawer. For particularly distracted children, try to remove all toys from the study viewing area.


  • Make sure the room is comfortable

Good temperature and air quality in the room in which children learn are essential for their education. This means that it is important that it is not too hot or too cold, since such a temperature imbalance prevents concentration and increases the level of stress and nervousness. It is also important that the air quality in the room is adequate, and not only the temperature, so things such as pollution, humidity or mold can affect this air quality and reduce productivity and learning . In this regard, be sure to regularly inspect the room for mold and moisture and take steps to eradicate it if it appears by sealing holes and cracks, cleaning with soap and water or disinfectants, or with antimicrobial sprays if it is within your reach. A dehumidifier is also a very good idea to increase air quality, remove excess moisture, and eliminate potential toxicity levels.





  • Make good use of color

The color of the room in which your children study can have a significant impact on their learning, so it should also be an aspect to consider. People are believed to perform 5-10% better when using some color instead of black and / or white, so it’s worth taking the time to familiarize yourself with the best shades to use on your home walls. room and even furniture. Shades like red will capture the attention of the little ones and foster their creativity and orange will keep them alert and more passionate about their tasks, while small amounts of yellow will increase their state of happiness. Other colors, like blue and green, create a relaxing and calm atmosphere that will help your children stay focused , and a touch of pink can also help increase their imagination levels, so keep this in mind when it comes to prepare the study space. As painting can be a complicated task right now, think of decorative objects that you have at home that can also fulfill this function, such as cushions, blankets, lamps, storage boxes, flowers … and if it is not possible, try printing sheets that have those colors and place them around the room.


Homeschooling is growing, and it is not something to be taken lightly, as we must continue to motivate the youngest to continue to fulfill their responsibilities every day and thus stay active and busy with their minds elsewhere. Create spaces to make it clean, safe, comfortable, colorful … and make their day to day as peaceful and beneficial as possible for them.


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