The landscapes of the south pole

At the South Pole lies the largest ice desert.

Frozen desert

The South Pole is a continent almost as big as North America. It is the largest expanse of ice on the planet. It is extremely cold there that limits rainfall, turning this region into a huge desert. 2 to 5 centimeters of rainfall is recorded each year, less than in the Sahara!

Rich and poor wildlife

Only 2% of the south pole, on the coasts, is not covered with ice. Millions of penguins, whales, seals live there … The South Pole is the only place on Earth where there are no butterflies! The vegetation is very limited, as there are only mosses, lichens and two types of flowering plants.

White day

At the South Pole everything is white. The horizon is white to infinity. This is even more true in white day weather: a very thick fog in which you can see absolutely nothing, not even a meter away. There is no earth or sky, only whiteness.


Horizon: it is the line that delimits the land from the sky, which is seen when looking in the distance, especially at sea.

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