The butterflies sleep schedule

Some butterflies sleep at night and others during the day.

Daytime butterflies

The diurnal butterflies have a thin and light body. When they are at rest, their wings are folded vertically on the abdomen. Some of them, such as the cabbage butterfly, are harmful, as their larvae gnaw and destroy the leaves of many vegetables.

Night butterflies

The night butterflies wake up at twilight. Its body is voluminous and its wings, very heavy, are always open, even at rest. The flight of these butterflies is loud and fast, straight or follows wide curves. Sphinx butterflies can reach 50 km / h!

Travel and destinations

Do you know that migratory butterflies travel thousands of kilometers to lay their eggs? The laurel sphinx flies from Africa to Finland. Other species, such as the monarch, migrate by the millions from America to Australia or Europe. Unlike birds, they make the trip only once.




Migratory: a migratory animal leaves its place of birth and moves long distances.



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