Patience is a gift and it helps us to be happy. The bad news is that not all of us have it, the good news is that you learn .

A patient and calm person will be less prone to stress and suffer from physical problems derived from anxiety . You will take life with more philosophy and see the bright side of things more easily than others.

If we can instill patience in our children, we will be helping them to be happier . So let’s get to work, let’s put these tips into practice and any that come to mind as parents on a day-to-day basis:


1. Teach them to explore the details

An exercise that we can practice on a daily basis is to see the little things that often go unnoticed with the speed of life. If we are in the park for example, look for insects, observe the flowers that are about to open, listen to the birds, follow the process of the seasons in the trees … This will help you to relax and investigate the world around you.  

2.Search for entertainment

When something takes time to arrive, like the bus, we can play to find things of a certain color. You will learn to entertain yourself while waiting.  

3. Be proactive with the times

If you are going to travel or to the doctor, places where there are usually delays, take a backpack with games, painting books, books or small dolls. Time will pass without realizing it. If you can avoid the screens (iPad, mobile or computer). Keep them as a last resort.

4. Set an example

This is a must. If the child sees us lose patience often (in the car, in line, with other people) he will repeat our behavior. So now you know, start showing yourself calm and positive. At the end of the day, not because of losing your nerves, things happen before.

5. Calm activities

Reading, drawing and assembling puzzles or constructions can be very effective in educating patience. Provide games that require your attention and reassurance.

6. Be understanding of their needs and times

This is that you do not expect the little one to calm down if he is hungry, sleepy or tired. There it is urgent to attend to him as soon as possible because he is not able to calm down and every minute that passes he will get more nervous. We must also bear in mind that your perception of time is not ours, that is, we do not anticipate an event too far in advance because you will despair and us with your questions. So if you are going to a special event, tell them the day before. It will be better for everyone.

Explain why you have to wait

Out of education, out of respect, because there are things that improve by waiting a little, because waiting is worth it. Talk to him about all this with practical examples as he grows and always fulfill what we promise while waiting. If we tell you that when we finish cleaning we take a walk, that’s the way it should be.
If you follow these tips and lead by example, I assure you that you will have an increasingly patient and calm little adult at home, who will know how to make the most of life and will not lose his cool easily.

Very good information .. Thank you

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Good advice. I don’t have children, but I have a 4-year-old nephew and sometimes I lose my patience… super good. Chao, thanks from Copiapo, third region Chile.

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Thanks for the information, now it’s time to get the batteries

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Thank you very much, from now on I will take these important tips into account.

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What good articles, I am delighted, I have three little ones at home aged 15, 6 and 4 and many times I find it difficult to understand them because they have different behaviors.

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Thank you for sharing the information, it helps me a lot since I have a younger sister who is 13 years old and all these articles are very good and at the same time I am improving too.

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