Piper, the Pixar short everyone is talking about

Pixar has us used to amazement in its animations. Each new job is more real and emotional . And Piper is no exception.

They usually release their short films on the big screen preceding a movie, as wonderful as their small films. In this case the chosen one was “Finding Dory”. Those lucky enough to see the sequel to “Finding Nemo” in theaters were extremely lucky to appreciate the incredible colors and messages Piper contains.

This beautiful story, directed by Alan Barillaro and produced by Marc Sondheimer, takes place on a beach and counts as a small breeding sandpipers or sandpiper, a bird that feeds on small mollusks found on the shore of the sea, begins his adventure out from the nest and away from mother’s company.

The animation, we insist, once again is unsurpassed, from the grains of sand to the sea, everything is perfect. The expressions of the characters, Piper’s pens, bubbles, everything is a work of art that is condensed in 6 minutes. So well done that you don’t need dialogue.

Piper is named for the English translation of her species: sandpiper. This brave creature at first does not want to leave the comfort of its nest where food is brought to it without risking anything and without danger. But it is her mother who pushes her to go to the shore to find her life. To begin to fend for herself by looking for food and thus manage to survive.

This is the greatest thing in history, which perfectly explains how parents must understand that children by the law of life have to start doing things for themselves . In fact, you have to encourage them to do it, giving them confidence, tools and a little push if necessary so that they let go and see what they are capable of. And if they fall, they will, we will be close in case they require our help or support. But only that, give them enough encouragement to try again until they succeed, showing them how proud we are and giving them the advice they ask for.

The story is perfect for overprotective parents , just as many understand that a child develops courage and courage, essential for a full life, only if he has difficulties to solve. Ingenuity and intelligence, decision-making skills and endurance are also increased. So if we want strong children who do not give up at the first change, independent, responsible and persevering, we will have to take the example of this magnificent short film and “let go” of our children to life. Nothing happens, we assure you that they will be happier and will not stop loving you, just the opposite.

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