Knowing the rules of the road is much more than learning to drive, as many adults think. Road safety education is of vital importance so that everyone, including the youngest, can be protected against incidents and dangers. For this reason, schools begin to develop dynamics to teach from a young age how they should behave when they go down the street, whether they are walking or getting into their parents’ car. Road safety regulations for children are even beginning to be considered as a subject within the school program, which has already been put on the table on several occasions.

Educational games

Especially with the little ones, play is one of the best educational methods. That is why we can find a multitude of child road safety games, which are adapted to the age of those who are learning.

Familiarizing yourself with the signs, for example, will help the child to pay attention to the rules from their earliest childhood, and they can even become prescribers for adults, who sometimes tend to ignore these signs, putting traffic safety at risk. .

Some foundations and organizations provide educational resources with which to teach children’s road safety education : such as videos, posters and interactive games that facilitate learning and a greater ease to remember what each of the different types of signs that are on the street means, like red lights or warning and prohibition plates. In this way, they will be the ones who are aware of when and where they have to cross a street, of the importance of wearing a seatbelt when getting into a car or wearing a helmet if they are cycling, among other matters.

Respectful children, responsible adults

Learning safety rules from a young age is not only a way of teaching things. It also has a lot to do with developing the capacities of future adults.

Road safety education for children is rather preventive, a way of working in the long term in the whole of society, since if a child internalizes from his initial years the need to submit to rules for his own benefit, when he grows up It will be much easier for you to accept, not only the traffic laws, but other guidelines that are imposed on you for similar reasons.

For this reason, both parents and educators must instill in children more than a simple set of traffic rules; also instilling respect for these is important, also giving reasons why it is beneficial for us to abide by the rules. Hence, road safety modules are often included when teaching ethics or similar classes.

When children learn to circulate in the correct way from a young age, safety on the streets in the long run will be much more effective and, in a few decades, we may not be talking about road safety education as an alternative or something that we have. to implement, but a reality that will take place in all schools to continue creating responsible minds.

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