The advance of the deserts

Because men make the water and plants around them disappear.

More and more people

For a long time, the regions near the deserts were sparsely inhabited. Now, many nomads (the men who live by moving through the desert) settle on a small piece of land and remain to live there. They open wells to collect water, water the animals, and water what they plant to feed themselves. They also cut down trees and shrubs for bonfires and cooking.

There is less and less water

Animals graze and eat all the grass; The overused water runs out little by little and you can no longer live in this place, which has become a piece of desert. So the men leave and start over a little further.

Ten years without rain

If you were ten years old and you lived in the desert, it is possible that you would never have seen a drop of rain. Yes, because it can be ten years before it rains. But as soon as it rains, the plants grow very fast and some little animals are feasting.

Did you know?

In some deserts the temperature can rise to around 56ºC and in others, such as Siberia, drop to -78ºC. In the same desert and day, it can reach 40ºC during the day and 0ºC at night.


Advancement of the desert : it is the increase in the extension of the desert, which grows little by little and gains ground.


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